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When I came into the world as a breech baby, my mother said I was born ready to run. My leadership journey starts with learning how to listen to the layers of what she meant when she said I was ready to run. To embody the values and choose gratitude for the conditions that offer all of life to thrive wherever I am. My orientation to leadership is through family, which has further influenced my trajectory to seek opportunities that care for other people and contribute to work that is meant to transform our community’s health for the better. This project is seeking to answer the question, how can I honor values given by my familial relationships in my leadership practice when leading alongside others with different ways of being. The purpose of this project is to strengthen my connection to my familial relations so I may become a leader who honors our collective values. With the desire to contribute to the caretaking of our shared responsibility of uplifting wellbeing in our interactions. This project continues to actively engage in a critical analysis of my leadership edges to inspire the furthering of values that remind us of our responsibility to all our relations.

Program Director

Matthew Kolan, Ph.D.

Professional Affiliate Coach

Sayra Pinto, Ph.D., Heather Talley Ph.D.

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