Program, schedule of events, and presentation abstracts for the 2020 Student Research Conference in alphabetical order by title.

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Molecular Characterization of the EWI-2 Fusion Inhibitory Mechanism in the Context of HIV Infection

Danielle G. Allen, The University of Vermont

Enzymatic Pathways Involved in Serotonin Breakdown in the GI Tract

Corinne M. Atkinson, University of Vermont

Effects of the Coronavirus on the Chinese Economy

emma C. Bearison

Undertriage of Traumatic Injury in a Rural EMS System: A Mixed Methods Analysis

Jamie Sean Benson, University of Vermont

Economic Growth and Weight Gain: A Dynamic Approach to the Obesity Epidemic

Courtney Brady, University of Vermont

“Spirit Husband Figure:” The Materiality of Baoulé Spouses from the Otherworld

Katherine E. Brennan

In The Church's Image: How the Russian Orthodox Church is Influencing Russian Youth through the Public Education System

Emily Rose Bruggeman, UVM

Displaying Stolen Objects: How a Dogon Metal Staff Incites a History of Colonialism and Burgeoning Culture of Repatriation

Amelia Coates

Psychometrics of the INSCI Survey

Alyssa A. Falco

Contrasting Corrections Staff Attitudes on Incarceration, Punishment, and Rehabilitation

Sara Minogue Fetter

Water Scarcity and Implication for Healthcare Delivery in Operating Rooms

Zachary Johns, UVM

The Forgotten Losses of the War in Iraq

Ashley N. Ladue

Shoreline variables influencing microplastic accumulation in Lake Champlain

Zach S. Merson, University of Vermont

Glutathione Peroxidase Peptide-Mimic

Gracyn S. Mose, UVM

Risk and Resilience in Coastal Food Systems: Lessons from the Puerto Rican Dairy Sector since Hurricane Maria

Katie J. Robertson, University of Vermont

Acoustic repertoire and vocal activity of Antillean and Amazonian manatees

Carly Sarbacker

The Belt and Road Initiative's Impact on U.S. Influence and Liberal Institutions

Brianne Smith, University of Vermont

Fatty acid content of retail milk – What’s in it for the consumer?

Allison L. Unger

Religion, Nation, and State

Ava Williams, University of Vermont