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Photonic Band Engineering in Metallic Microcavity OLEDs

David Allemeier, University of Vermont

Nitrogen Removal Performance of Bioretention Cells Modified for Phosphorus Sorption

Carl W. Betz, University of Vermont

Modeling epidemic interventions with probability generating functions

Mariah C. Boudreau, The University of Vermont

Early Detection of True or False Cardiac Alarms in the ICU

Jack Boynton

Photocatalysis with Copper

Steven G. Dannenberg

UVM Senior Experience in Engineering Design (SEED): Instrumented Knee Brace

Nicole Donahue, The University of Vermont
Cole Garabed, The University of Vermont
Curtis Ianni, The University of Vermont
James Doherty, The University of Vermont
Tori Weissman, The University of Vermont

The effect of deliquescence and efflorescence on particle phase for an ammonium and sulfate salt series

Austin C. Flueckiger

Constructing a Rainbow OLED Using Fabry-Pérot Microcavities

Alex Howe, University of Vermont

Facile Route to Non-Oxide Ceramics

Diego R. Javier-Jimenez, The University of Vermont

Measurement of Ultrasonic parameters of cancellous bone as a function of porosity and frequency using transverse transmission Ultrasonic spectroscopy Technique


Complex Systems and Data Science for Humanitarian Response

Ollin D. Langle-Chimal, University of Vermont

Dark Data: making dark data FAIR

Juniper Lovato, UVM
Julia Zimmerman, UVM

Interpretable bias mitigation for textual data: Reducing gender bias in patient notes while maintaining classification performance

Joshua R. Minot, University of Vermont

Resonant Trojan EMRIs with LISA

Vanessa Myhaver, University of Vermont

Seated Postural Changes with Foot Position at a Tall Workstation

Sarah Nelson, UVM

A New Tool for Analyzing Event Sediment Dynamics Using High-Frequency Turbidity Sensor Data

LInh Nguyen

Validating Mechanical Biaxial Stretch and Developing Image Calibration Methodology for Pulmonary Cell Models

Steven O'Driscoll, University for Vermont

Main Group Element-Element Bond Formation via Metal-Amido Complexes

Matthew B. Reuter, University of Vermont

Nonlinear Impedance Spectroscopy to characterize Hole Transport and Recombination Dynamics in Organic Semiconductor Devices

Robin A. Rice, UVM

Utilizing Machine Learning for the Calculation of Vibrational Frequencies of Molecular Crystals

Ray Schireman, UVM

The Impact of Covalently Conjugated Alginate-Heparin Methacrylate Hydrogels on Multi-Axial Strength and HUVEC Tubular Formation

Irfan Tahir

Learning Adaptive Trading Strategies for Market Models

Colin Michael Van Oort, University of Vermont

Identification, Assignment, and Characterization of Low-Frequency Dynamics in Microplastic Pollutants

Emily A. Verhaeg

Identification and Optimization of High Priority River Reach Locations for Floodplain Reconnection on a Watershed Scale

Lindsay Worley, University of Vermont