Patient education, communication and empowerment are critical aspects of management of chronic conditions. Patient involvement and education is encouraged as part of patient safety goals, but, physicians have little time for discussion and a handout collection for all conditions is hard to maintain. On the other hand, Americans of all ages, genders, and groups are seeking and finding health information on the Internet. Though effective for many, problems include ineffective searching, unreliable sources, and prevalence of commercial interests. The Information Prescription Program (Information Rx) developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the American College of Physicians (ACP) Foundation promotes a way for the physician to recommend quality information about health and empower patients to seek and use information on their own.The study describes a collaborative project to integrate the Information Rxprogram as developed by NLM and the ACP Foundation into a community- based medical practice, and develop the capacity of the nearby public library to provide health information services and specifically to follow up on information prescriptions.


Presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, 2008


Information Rx, Community Health, Library, Medical Library

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