In 2014, the University of Vermont Northwest Extension Crops and Soils Team evaluated yield and quality of long season corn silage varieties at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh, VT. Long season corn can be difficult to grow in Vermont, due to the climate’s restricted Growing Degree Days (GDDs). In addition, wet springs are becoming more common, delaying corn planting later into the season. However, on many farms, long season corn can produce higher yields and quality than many short season varieties. The test site was at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh, VT, which has what is considered one of the longest growing seasons in Vermont (2,310 GDDs in 2014). In this year’s trial, 45 varieties were evaluated from eight different seed companies. While the information presented can begin to describe the yield and quality performance of these long season corn silage varieties in this region, it is important to note that the data represent results from only one season and one location. Compare other hybrid performance data before making varietal selections.


Vermont, University of Vermont

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