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Farmer’s Attitudes & Beliefs of Climate Change Over Time

Jessica M. Ball, University of Vermont

A Comparative Study of Plant Species Eaten by Semi-Captive Elephants in the Wet and the Dry Season at the Elephant Valley Project, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia

Beatrix Roxane Berry

Quantifying Mineral Weathering Across Lateral Gradients Using a Whole-Regolith Approach

Jenny Bower, University of Vermont

The importance of food security in promoting positive mental well-being in middle school students

Jesse Brinkman, University of Vermont

Investigating the Role of Health Halos and Reactance on Food Choice

Katherine L. Bullock, University of Vermont

A clay-specific mineralogical approach to the dynamics of agricultural runoff through a wetland site in a watershed in Sheldon, VT.

Alexander Charles Collins

Exploring the Indirect Mental Health Impacts of Cyanobacteria Blooms in St. Albans Bay

Will C. Corcoran

Big Cats around the globe: How communities around the globe perceive their backyard big cats

Will C. Corcoran, UVM

Understanding the Mutually Dynamic Relationship Between Tree Species Present and the Underlying Parent Material

Gene Otello Desideraggio

Terms and Concepts in Alternative Agriculture: Critical Discourse and Bibliometric Analysis

Benjamin T. Dube, Rubenstein School

Abundance and Distribution of Picea rubens in an Elevational Tension Zone

Liam Farley, UVM

Sodium limitation: the impact of sodium chloride on functional traits in a terrestrial ecosystem

Carrie J. Finkelstein, University of Vermont

Fruit & vegetable Rx program as an effective strategy to increase fruit and vegetable consumption

Jessica Fischer
Ashley Simons

Student Perceptions of Humanely Raised Livestock

Rachel Frankenfield
Katie Robinson
Lily Abrams
Charity Warner
Audrey Tuck
Annie McAneny

Essential Oil Production: Mint and Lavender Variety Trials in Upstate New York

Aine Hardaker, UVM

Spatiotemporal trajectories as a new approach for studying concentration-discharge relationships of hydrological events

Ali Javed, The University of Vermont

Exploring Perceptions of Veganism

Laura A. Jennings, University of Vermont

Knowledge, Attitudes and Awareness of Lyme Disease in Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Marley Jurgensmeyer, University of Vermont

Detritivores and Carbon Cycling in Agroecosystems: Assessing the Potential of an Understudied Ecosystem Service

Eva Kinnebrew

Uncharted Territory: A Data Visualization Needs Assessment for UVM Extension

Sarah E. Lyman, University of Vermont

Changing local and regional food markets: perspectives from Vermont

Kali McPeters, The University of Vermont

Toadfish calling activity decreases with boat traffic

Isabel Mize

Environmental Values and Clothing Consumption: Do Clothing Purchases Reflect Expressed Environmental Values?

Jessica NeJame, University of Vermont

Tools to Improve Apiary Inspection Programs

Faith N. Novella

Nitrous oxide release from agricultural soils under different management practices during freeze-thaw cycles

Julia M. Pupko, University of Vermont


Bonnie W. Reese

Puerto Rican Farmers’ Experience with Hurricane Maria

Luis A. Rodríguez Cruz, PhD student

Modeling the effects of global change and associated adaptive silvicultural systems in Northern New Hampshire

Jennifer Santoro, UVM

Exposure to urban parks improves mood and reduces negativity on Twitter

Aaron J. Schwartz, University of Vermont

The Relationship between Forest Cover and Gendered Dimensions of Inequality at a fine Spatial Scale

Ethan Shafron

Compensatory Habits Among Diners Based on Food Descriptions

Victoria Taormina

Coastal Ecosystems Bring Many Benefits but may be Vulnerable to Increasing Intensity Hurricanes

Hannah C. Turner, The University of Vermont

The Farm Fresh Food Boxes Model: Consumer Perspectives

Zoe van Vlaanderen

Role of Farmer Networks in Supporting Adaptive Capacity of Farmers in the Northeastern US

Alissa White, University of Vermont

Accounting for Spatial Autocorrelation in Great Lake Coastal Wetland Ecological Responses

Christian Wurzburger, Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources