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An assessment of Australian coral reef health with tourism management recommendations for global climate change impacts

Meredith Berube, The University of Vermont

Do Predators Prefer Seasoning?

Gordon E. Coates, The University of Vermont

Climate Action at UVM: Researching Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP) as a Policy Mechanism to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Isabel G. Coppola, University of Vermont

Anchor Institutions Role in Food System Resilience

Naomi M. Cunningham, University of Vermont

Spatial Modeling of Resource Recovery and Reuse using Sri Lankan Composting Systems as an Example

Maya Fein-Cole

Do knowledge and beliefs about calcium content influence preference for dairy vs. plant-based milk products?

Sarah G. Geller

The Effects of Hypoxia on Zooplankton Population Estimates and Migration in Lakes

Sadye Keating Goldfarb, University of Vermont

Characterizing Seed Libraries in Vermont

Nia Gorbunova, University of Vermont

Seed Producer Motivations for Maintaining Crop Diversity in Vermont

Carina Viola Isbell, The University of Vermont

Nitrogen Levels in Franklin County, Vermont Streams Through Agricultural and Forested Settings

Siga K. Juozelskis, The University of Vermont
Joanne Berger, The University of Vermont
Korbyn Gehlbach, The University of Vermont

Lemna Minor as an Ecological Tool for Vermont Farmers

Juliana M. Landis, University of Vermont

The effect of a commercial rhibozial inoculant on nodule and tuber formation and plant health in legumes.

Mackenzie Laverick, University of Vermont

UVM's Roadmap to Zero Waste

Isabel Lisle, University of Vermont

Microplastics as a physical growth substrate for freshwater algal species

Nina E. Loutchko

Agroecological Practices as Tools for Resilience: Lessons from Small, Diversified Farms in Puerto Rico During and After Hurricane Maria

Maya Moore

Vansemberuu of Khuvsgul, Mongolia: ecology, community knowledge, and conservation of an endangered medicinal flower

Joscie Norris, UVM

Seasonal Nitrogen Cycling in Agricultural Riparian Groundwater

Julia Petty, The University of Vermont

Pass the Salt? Examining the Effects of Sodium on Foraging Activity Among Vermont’s Ant Communities

Laura K. Pinover

Phosphorus recovery and reuse from anaerobically digested dairy manure

Katherine K. Porterfield, The University of Vermont

Consumer use of food labels increases as “clean label” trend continues

Nick Rose, University of Vermont

Influence of the Missisquoi Wetland on riverine nutrient cycling under different flow regimes

Ellie Sovcik, The University of Vermont

Biosecurity Practices Through Multiplayer Simulations

John C. Urbani, The University of Vermont

Parameterizing Functions of Soil-Water Soluble Reactive Phosphorus Flux for an Ecohydrological Model of Formerly Drained Riparian Wetlands in the Lake Champlain Basin

adrian r.h. wiegman