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Transient Voltage Pulse Propagation on Transmission Lines with Multiple Reflections

Katherine Aho, University of Vermont

Updating Chemistry Demos using Next Generation Science Standards

Alexandria M. Alveshere, UVM

Application of drinking water treatment residuals to green stormwater infrastructure for enhanced phosphorus removal

Michael R. Ament, University of Vermont

Soil Liquefaction – Centrifuge and Fluid Dynamics Modeling

SOHAM BANERJEE, University of Vermont

UAFS: Uncertainty Aware Feature Selection for Multiple Imputation Problems

Andrew J. Becker, The University of Vermont

Computational Analysis of Benzothieno Benzothiphene Derivatives Using Density Functional Theory

Jared C. Benson, The University of Vermont

Perylene TCNQ Charge Transfer crystal complex for use in organic solar cells

Ekraj Dahal

Improving Algorithmic Fairness Through Sequential Dataset Construction

Todd F. DeLuca

Selection mechanisms affect volatility in evolving markets

David Rushing Dewhurst, UVM
Colin M. Van Oort, UVM

Two-Dimensional Materials as Laboratories for Fundamental Physics

Aaditya Dimri, University of Vermont

Using Pulsed-laser deposition to produce digital-alloy contact layers and characterize the Perovskite solar cell

Bin Du, The University of Vermont

Synthesis of a Highly Twisted Dibenzo[g,p]chrysene

Adam M. Dyer Mr, The University of Vermont

Extracting & Quantifying the Organic Composition of Biodiesel Exhaust Particulate Matter

Frances Eisinger

Radar usage in respiratory rate measurement

Anwar Elhadad, UVM

Applying Polynomial Multiplication Algorithms to Cryptography

Marcus Elia, University of Vermont

Soft-Tissue Artefact of Wearable Inertial Measurement Units for Human Motion Analysis

Jonathan M. Ferri, CEMS, EBE

Secondary Organic Aerosol Production via Ozonolysis of Green Leaf Volatiles

Kevin B. Fischer, The University of Vermont

Stress-strain response and seismic signature analysis of phyllite reservoir rocks from Blue Mountain geothermal field

Maziar Foroutan, The University of Vermont

HUVEC Tubular Formation on Bio-inspired Vascularization Substrate

Luis M. Garcia, University of Vermont

Computational Modeling of Knee Joints in Persons 6 Months after ACL Reconstruction

Katlyn Hall

Investigations of Remote C-H Insertion of Vinyl Cations Leading to Cyclopentenones

Magenta Hensinger

Accurate inference about crowdsourcing problems when using efficient allocation strategies

Abigail Jane Hotaling

High Precision Control of Narrow Emission Resonant Microcavity OLED Devices

Benjamin Isenhart, University of Vermont

Higher-order Runge--Kutta type schemes for the Method of Characteristics

Jeffrey S. Jewell, University of Vermont

Educational Applications of an Enhanced Augmented Reality Sandbox

Eliza H. Jobin-Davis, UVM Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mapping Forest Cover Change during Cuba's Special Period & Beyond

Erin S. Johnson, The University of Vermont

Experimental Study of Fracture Permeability Evolution in Phyllite Reservoir Rock Specimen from Blue Mountain Geothermal Field

Bijay K C

Comparison of Low-Cost CO2 Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Sensors for Ambient Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Annaliese Keimel

Fate of Perfluoroalkyl Substances on an Electrically-Polarized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Polyamide Composite Nanofiltration Membrane

Kamruzzaman Khan, University of Vermont

A Quantization based Approach for Heterogeneity under Packetized Energy Management

Adil Khurram, UVM

Controlling Household Appliances for Renewable Energy Integration

Andrew Klem

Improvement of a numerical method for modeling a semiconductor laser

Benjamin Kotzen

Using Software Defined Radio to Interrogate a Passive Frequency Doubling Chip

Timothy F. Laracy

Monitoring Stress Reactions in High Mileage Runners Within a Mechanical Fatigue Framework

Benjamin LeBlanc, University of Vermont

Enhancement of charge transfer in thermally-expanded and strain-stabilized TIPS-pentacene thin films

Yang Li

Relative orientation and strength of exciton states arise from molecular long range ordering in crystalline organic thin film

Libin Liang, UVM

Adsorption Characteristics of PFOA & PFOS to Green Tea Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)

Elliot John Maker

Aloe-Alginate Hydrogels for Cervical Cancer Treatment: Antioxidant and Drug Release Activity

Sierra N. McConnell, University of Vermont

Quantifying Global Changes in Surface Wind Speeds

Andrew A. Metcalf

Using Machine Learning and Wearables to Classify Multiple Sclerosis Fall Risk

Brett Meyer

Toward an Efficient Synthesis of Fusarochromanone

Nick John Minadeo

Chimera States in a Coupled Oscillator Model of the Mouse Brain

Henry M. Mitchell

Wavelet Decomposition of Wearable Sensor Measurement for Analysis of Nordic Skiing Double Poling

Ian J. Moore

Synthesis and Applications of Single-Handed Molecular Springs

Kyle E. Murphy

Dye- Linked Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy

Jaspreet Singh Nagi, University of Vermont

Convex inner approximation for dispatchable demand side resources

Nawaf Nazir, University of Vermont

Microwave Radar with Orbital Angular Momentum Control

Daniel Orfeo

Synthesis and Characterization of Green Tea - Zero Valent Iron (GT-ZVI) Nanoparticles for Ground Water Remediation

Benjamin Page, The University of Vermont

Exploring the Mechanosensitivity of membrane protein using steered molecular dynamics simulation

Bharat Poudel, University of Vermont

Assessing Erosion Patterns of Hurricane Maria on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Melinda Quock, The University of Vermont

Recent Advancements in Base Metal Catalysis

Matthew Reuter

Inefficencies in the US Equity Markets

John H. Ring IV, University Of Vermont

Evaluating the Visual Classification of Suspended Sediment – Discharge Hysteresis via Crowd-sourcing and In-stream Monitoring

Eric T. Romero, University of Vermont

Viable Targeted Immunization Strategies in Complex Networks: Addressing the Boundary Specification Problem

Samuel Frederick Rosenblatt, University of Vermont

Nutrient removal in a woodchip bioreactor bed receiving silage bunker runoff at the UVM Miller Research Farm

Jillian Sarazen, The University of Vermont

Timing of Displacement Along the Rattlesnake Thrust Fault, Pownal, VT

John Luke Sawyer Shaw, UVM
Eryka Collins, UVM

Playing with Bubbles can Identify Young Children with Internalizing Disorders

Jordyn Scism, The University of Vermont

Classifying Postural Features from Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Melissa S. Seib, University of Vermont

Comparing Device Performance In Perovskite Solar Cells With Varying Digital Alloy Contact Layers

Olivia Sergiovanni, University of Vermont

Making Novel Arsenic-Based Materials

Dennis Michael Seth Jr, University of Vermont

Characterization of Biofouling by Escherichia coli C and Micrococcus luteus Using Enhanced Darkfield Hyperspectral Imaigin Microscopy

Yuxiang Shen

Damage identification on large-scale truss structure using sparse vector recovery

Chandler B. Smith, University of Vermont

The sentiment of depression on Twitter

Anne Marie Stupinski

Comparison of phosphorus loss estimation tools at predicting nutrient transport in humid regions with undulating topography.

Cameron R. Twombly

Homoepitaxial growth of SrTiO3 by Pulsed Laser Deposition: energetic vs thermal growth

Jeffrey G. Ulbrandt, University of Vermont

Investigation of the 1,3-diaza-Claisen Rearrangements in Ring Expansion of Vinyl N-heterocycles

Teruki Watanabe

Optimizing Over Summer Snow Storage at the Craftsbury Outdoors Center, Craftsbury, VT

Hannah Weiss

Improving Forward Osmosis with Electric Fields

Logan Werner

Resilience of Viral Genotype Networks Toward Strain-Transcending Immunity

Blake JM Williams, University of Vermont

Constraining post-glacial uplift rates in southern Greenland

Landon D. Williamson, University of Vermont

Acoustic Emission Sensing for Crack Monitoring in Prefabricated and Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Bridge Girders

Robert Lee Worley II, The University of Vermont