The Vermont Connection


The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community is one that has been growing in visibility at institutions of higher education across the country. There has also been a visible increase in support that is available to students on campuses. Religion/spirituality/faith is becoming more apparent in students’ lives, and there is often a lack of support for this development on campuses. An even greater challenging question for the LGBTQ community is: where does religion/spirituality/faith fit for them? While many students question and develop in this area, the struggles faced by LGBTQ students who ask this question often present more challenges as they search to combine and live in both of these dimensions of their lives and identities. This article will look at the identity developments of religion/spirituality/faith and homosexuality. In doing so, the issues of how and where the two developments intersect along with positive support systems that are needed will be addressed.