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Are the leadership development models that exist today inclusive of all student leaders? Does leadership take on different forms when examined through the lenses of different cultural communities? Is there enough research available for student affairs educators to successfully identify the needs and concerns of all student leaders? Although there have been thousands of research articles and books on the topic of leadership development, very few of them have addressed the ways in which students of color, more specifically Latino/a students, develop leadership skills and competencies. Student affairs educators must not become comfortable only identifying with the leadership theories that exist today as we must recognize the ever-changing world in which we live. “To successfully navigate in this world, new maps are needed—maps describing the leadership that is needed in an era of rapid change” (Komives, Lucas, & McMahon, 1998, p. 48). This article serves to broaden student affairs educators’ perspectives regarding leadership development and provide recommendations to create space to support and maintain that development through a cultural lens.