The Vermont Connection


Carrie Wicks


It is not until we walk the road of transition that we truly feel the way it shakes, unravels, and awakens our core. Drawing from Jones, McEwen, and Abes’ (2007) article, “Reconceptualizing the Model of Multiple Dimensions of Identity: The Role of Meaning-Making Capacity in the Construction of Multiple Identities” and acclaimed cultural critic, feminist, and author, bell hooks, I will explore the ways in which three of my most salient social identities helped to shape and direct my journey within student affairs. I will utilize poetry and personal narrative to explore the impacts that the change in context had on my class, gender, and sexual identity. Utilizing these mediums, I will share and advocate for the need to have access, space, and time for professionals to make meaning of their experiences in order to foster an authentic and vulnerable environment in order to best serve students in their own journey.