The Vermont Connection


A voice resonates most brilliantly when it breaks through a drastic and long-held silence. Such is the reality of many marginalized and oppressed peoples within the Academy. This compilation of poetry is the resonance of our voices, the processing of our souls toward wellness, from within structures very capable of silencing us. We write in poetry, rather than prose, as an af rmation that our voices are beautiful and contributing to higher education in whatever form we are brave enough to call them forth. While we do not and cannot represent all identities of the many of us who are silenced in a myriad of ways within higher education, we do own our personal identities. As a woman of color and as a queer woman of color we proudly strive to serve as a porta-voz—a bridge for the voices of others—so that they may begin to appear on the pages of journals like this one. We write about institutionalized racism, systematized hatred, and about our journeys into pleasure and joy, for this is how we live and this is how we choose to show up in script as well as in the Academy.