The Vermont Connection


In a political context characterized by the desire to “Make America Great Again,” the romanticization of the past and the erasure of narratives of marginalized communities affect how students experience and navigate higher education. Institutions of higher education were built on systems of colonization and imperialism and continue to benefit from the legacy of domination and subordination; this hxstory shapes student learning. The authors introduce hxstorical amnesia, its effects on student development, and methods of actively combating hxstorical amnesia in higher education. The authors explore ways to heal from hxstorical amnesia through community-care, cogenerative dialogues, and Sentipensante Pedagogy. By discussing the contemporary impacts of hxstorical amnesia on higher education and student learning, the authors hope to (re)write the narrative of higher education to underline the importance of the hxstories of marginalized communities.