The Vermont Connection


Through activism, community organizing, and investigation, I learn the Philippines' true hxstory, disrupting anti-Blackness brought into the country from colonization and researching Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) and Black unity. In college, I was in a freestyle street dancing crew and while immersed in Hip-Hop culture, I taught the elements of Hip-Hop, honoring OGs and pioneers and raising awareness about cultural appropriation. Hip-Hop culture is Black culture and roots of many cultures are from Black people. In high school, I was a musician of four instruments, playing and practizing Jazz music in Jazz band. The Jazz genre and many genres of music are from Black people. In community organizing, I collaborate with Black activists for various causes. In this article, I present the hxstory of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and movements; introduce leaders and organizations in activism and community organizing; share collaborations with Black activists and friends in Hip-Hop, Jazz, activism, and community organizing; and urge the APIDA community to support the Black community.

Content Warning: police brutality, racism, sexism, violence