The Vermont Connection


With 911 emergency being used as a tool to enact prejudice and fabricate racially biased incidents, Black people should always be ready to anticipate antiblack engagements and racial profiling when white people decide that their Blackness qualifies as dangerous or out of place. Black students are criticized when they elect to challenge how racism affects them in their learning environment by being countered with the same rehearsed statement of diversity and inclusion. With white supremacy culture being at such a high threat at institutions of higher education, and with no regard to the mental health of those affected by it, Black academics must adjust themselves to reflect whiteness to defy racial battle fatigue. Using the cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a combination of self-awareness and self-regulation, this article will be to discuss how EQ is being used as a filter of racial awareness as not to offend or disrupt white supremacy culture in higher education as a means of survival at PWIs.