The Vermont Connection


This article will address the lived experiences of Black people (faculty, staff, students, student-athletes) who navigate academia in majority white spaces. Black people have known throughout time that the Black voice is not valued. We constantly find ourselves embattled in our personal lives, at work, and on social media. The constant and incessant need for whiteness to tell us how we should feel, respond, and react to acts of white supremacy, white manning, sexism, and misogynoir are triggering. The system of higher education is a constant reminder that academia exists comfortably in a bubble. A bubble that unless you are bold enough to burst it remains firmly entrenched around the institution. Perpetuating false diversity and inclusion efforts and employing individuals who do not really care about the mattering of Black lives is dangerously problematic. Time's up! This article will take the reader on a journey through our blues, understanding of well-intentioned whiteness or solidarity, interest convergence, and ultimately the mattering of Black lives.