The Vermont Connection


May 25, 2020, exponentially reinvigorated a global reckoning around the uniquely American way of murdering Black people through policing and imprisonment. Calls for anti-racism, police reforms, and abolition permeated nearly every industry with statements, commitments, and trendy Instagram graphics. Once an idea reserved for the most radical, abolition entered the popular culture lexicon not only for its dedication to destroying oppressive systems but also for building communities of care. As student affairs professionals dedicated to community development at institutions built upon white supremacy and bound by federal policies, approaching community development through an abolitionist framework requires an imaginative playfulness to create new realities and a grounded conviction to effect tangible change for our most vulnerable communities. We welcome you to join us as we nerd out with theory, grapple with deeply personal questions, and offer practical ways abolition can bring us closer to creating communities of care.