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Affirmative action has existed to help students from hxstorically marginalized communities have equitable opportunity to receive admissions into institutions of higher education. There are many perceptions of what affirmative action is. It is important to understand the context behind why affirmation action came about in the first place and what purpose it serves students. In recent hxstory, the US Supreme Court ruled against affirmative action. This was a decision that set back our efforts of supporting students’ access to higher education. As an admissions counselor at a Hispanic-serving institution in the New York City metropolitan area, I witnessed how this decision affected admissions and higher education. As a higher education practitioner, I realized that we need to educate folks about affirmative action and the importance of honoring students’ backgrounds and identities in the admissions process. This article will help the audience gain an understanding of what affirmative action is, learn knowledge of affirmative action through the years, recognize the impact of the US Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, and gather actions to support students.