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A Cross-Cultural Study of Ceramics in Infant Burials

Vivian Morgan Priestley

A Wilderness Techscape: Land-Use Conflict, Work, and Recreation in the Central Klamath River Region

Claire E. Dumont

Alnôbak Agency in a Colonized Landscape

Margaret E. Bennett

Anthropological Perspective: Community Organizing in Burlington, Vermont

Aden Osman Haji, University of Vermont

Can linguistic innovations bridge the gender divide?: Inclusive language in contemporary Spanish social media

Julia Higa
Michael Dunham

Colonialism in Israel/Palestine: Bedouin Indigeneity & Racialized Religious Definitions

Eliana Fox

Dark Night of the Soul: Catholic Articulations of Atomic Trauma in Seirai Yuichi's "Ground Zero, Nagasaki"

Stratton Elizabeth Coleman, University of Vermont, Arts and Sciences

Daughters of Ares: The Iconography of Amazons

Peyton K. Ashley

Depictions of Enemies of the Roman State

Celine A. Fraser, University of Vermont

Difference in cold tolerance of Drosophila melanogaster in Vermont and Chiapas

Caitlin C. DeCara, University of Vermont

Digital Affect: Grief and the Rhetorical Situation After the Las Vegas Shooting

Andrew Ridgeway

Digital Literacy & Rhetorical Listening in the First Year Composition Classroom

Amelia Royce

Displays of German Independence at the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition

Megan N. Gamiz

Establishing the Role of Estrogen in Regulating the Oncogene RUNX2 in Thyroid Cancer

Isabel Stewart

Existential Isolation and Cultural Orientation: Collectivism as a buffer against Existential Isolation

Young Chin Park, psychological science

From Assimilated to Outstandingly Jewish: Displaying American Jewry at the Chicago World’s Fairs of 1893 and 1933

Kiara B. Day

Kham in the 1950s: Transition of Power in the Peripheries

Weiqing Kong

Lack vs. Difference: Clearing a Space for Asexual Theory

Nicholas Adler, The University of Vermont

Making Meaning from Mugs

Claire Tylke

Male Representations of Female Sanctity: Thomas of Cantimpré and Lutgard of Aywières

Juliet Castleman Duncan

Methods for Network Comparison

Alexander Daniels

Munitions at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

Madeline R. Hunter, UVM - HST 296 World's Fair

My Fair Lady: Exotic Women on the Midway Plaisance and the Challenges to White Womanhood at the Chicago World's Fair

Courtney A. Smith

Mythology on Ancient Pottery: A Comparative Analysis

Aubrey L. Brimmer

Personalities and Perceptions: Churchill, de Gaulle, and British-Free French Relations 1940-1941

Samantha Sullivan

Phantom Limb: An Exploration of Manner in Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories

Casey O'Reilly

Pottery Design: Group learning or Individual invention

Anna A. Renzi

Queer Nostalgia: Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Contemporary Queer Identity

Edward R. Pomykaj, The University of Vermont

Reactionary Postmodernism? Neoliberalism, Multiculturalism, the Internet, and the Ideology of the New Far Right in Germany

William Peter Fitz, UVM

Reconstructing History in Pottery Studios

Kailey Loughran

Repairing ceramics: Functional and Artistic

Tori R. Jarvis, UVM

Signs Preceding the End of the World as Underworld Mythology

Jeffrey Adams, The University of Vermont
Anika Gilwald, The University of Vermont

Simulating Pottery Breakage in Archaeological Contexts

Hayley Malloy

Sounds from a Dream Place: Politics, Religion, and Tourism in Kagbeni, Nepal

Abra K. Clawson

Statistical Analysis of Auction House Prices Through Maya Pottery

Dillon J. Healy Mr.

Textural surface decoration on Jōmōn pottery: Tactile experience and the cord impressed pots of the Japanese stone age

Liam S. Wemple

The Empire In Chicago: Ottoman Exhibits at the World's Columbian Exhibition (Attached to the HST 296 World’s Fair group)

Steven Hamilton

The Not-So Frozen Conflict: Russia’s Ambitions in the Arctic and their Implications for NATO in the Far North

Anya E. Gorodentsev

Tout a Changé! The Spectre of Islam in a (Secular) Catholic France

Katherine Elizabeth Brennan

U.S. Refugee Resettlement: An Analysis of the Relationship between Available Community Assets in Chittenden County, Vermont and the Self-Sufficiency of Resettled Refugees

Emma Janine Gianoplus, University of Vermont

Understanding Family-Professional Partnerships: Bridging the Gap Between Refugee Families and Educators with Project RAFT

Jordan Kerr

Vermont's Empire of Identity: Tracking Ideological Processes to "Sustainable" Agriculture

Katie A. Arms

Women of the North: Defining Heroism in The Lord of the Rings and Medieval Germanic Literature

Briggs M. Heffernan

Your Best Shot: An Analysis of Shot Distributions for Women’s Basketball

Jennifer Eberling, University of Vermont