Oral Presentations are 10-minutes long and typically have 3-6 presenters per session. Each presentation runs in succession before 20+ minutes of discussion and moderated question and answer. Oral presentations take place across five different rooms. Each room has a set schedule beginning at 9:00 am.

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Signs Preceding the End of the World as Underworld Mythology

Jeffrey Adams, The University of Vermont
Anika Gilwald, The University of Vermont

Lack vs. Difference: Clearing a Space for Asexual Theory

Nicholas Adler, The University of Vermont

Updating Chemistry Demos using Next Generation Science Standards

Alexandria M. Alveshere, UVM

Application of drinking water treatment residuals to green stormwater infrastructure for enhanced phosphorus removal

Michael R. Ament, University of Vermont

Assessing livelihood diversification in smallholder coffee communities in Chiapas, Mexico: A Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach

Janica Anderzen, Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC)

Daughters of Ares: The Iconography of Amazons

Peyton K. Ashley

Coupling of lower and upper extremity forces during walking with assistive devices in community-dwelling older adults.

Kelsey B. Barklund, The University of Vermont
David A. Alpert
Caroline Buchanan, The University of Vermont
Derek Roberts, The University of Vermont
Kelsey Spitalnic, The University of Vermont

UAFS: Uncertainty Aware Feature Selection for Multiple Imputation Problems

Andrew J. Becker, The University of Vermont

Effect of fatigue on standing balance and cognition in mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Hannah Bernier

Muscle contributes to the inflammatory environment following lung injury

Joseph J. Bivona III, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Department of Medicine

The importance of winter foraging by thermally-dissimilar fish species

Benjamin D. Block, Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory, UVM

Incorporation of dietary fish-, dairy- and plant-derived fatty acids into red blood cell membranes

Emily E. Bono

Tout a Changé! The Spectre of Islam in a (Secular) Catholic France

Katherine Elizabeth Brennan

Physical Activity for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: What are Physical Therapists Prescribing? A Mixed-Methods Study

KC Bruch, The University of Vermont
Nicholas Franssen, The University of Vermont
Kaleigh Mulpeter, The University of Vermont
Leanne Scott, The University of Vermont

Is worn equipment associated with rates of injury or lost work time in tactical personnel?: A systematic literature review

Sam Bursell
Caitlin Corrice
Zachary LaPoint
Sebastian Van Dyck

Targeting the Roots of Disaster: Community Work Dismantling Vulnerability in Mariana, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Rachael E. Carrell, The University of Vermont

Modelling Disease Spillover Using Multipartite Networks

Brendan K. Case, University of Vermont

Lung epithelial PDIA3 plays a critical role in influenza infection

Nicolas Chamberlain, UVM

The Effects of a Single Session of Yoga on Anxiety Levels in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Over 24 Hours: A Pilot Study

Alyssa Chmielewski, University of Vermont
Howard Badillo, University of Vermont
Maddie Hobaugh, University of Vermont
Siobhan Sullivan, University of Vermont

A primary care learning collaborative to improve office systems and clinical management of pediatric asthma

Michael V. Chmielewski

Dark Night of the Soul: Catholic Articulations of Atomic Trauma in Seirai Yuichi's "Ground Zero, Nagasaki"

Stratton Elizabeth Coleman, University of Vermont, Arts and Sciences


Katelynn Maria Conedera, University of Vermont

Measurement of Changes in Heme Ruffling Caused by Heme-Degrading Enzyme, IsdG

Amanda Rose Cornetta, University of Vermont

Native Saints: Hagiography and Racialization in Colonial New France

Quinn Cosentino, University of Vermont

Next Generation Sequencing: A Tool For Cancer Reseach and The Development of Precision Cancer Medicine

Lauren M. Cozzens

Physical Fatigue and its Effects on Postural Control and Cognitive Function in Older Adults

Alexa Crosby, The University of Vermont
Ashley Mitson, The University of Vermont
Noah Book, The University of Vermont
Marcus Soto, The University of Vermont

Perylene TCNQ Charge Transfer crystal complex for use in organic solar cells

Ekraj Dahal

Supporting Agricultural Growth: Social Networks and Resilience Among U.S. Women Farmers and Ranchers

Kerry Daigle, University of Vermont

Sexual Compulsion, Violent Fantasies, and Shame

Lilian R. Dalton

Methods for Network Comparison

Alexander Daniels

Effect of Boat Activity on the Acoustic Communication of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) of Dolphin Bay, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Rebecca Ann Daw

From Assimilated to Outstandingly Jewish: Displaying American Jewry at the Chicago World’s Fairs of 1893 and 1933

Kiara B. Day

Prognostic Factors in the Prevention of Pressure Injury in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Literature Review

Jessica Desorcie, The University of Vermont
Danielle Saad, The University of Vermont
Samuel Gagnon, The University of Vermont
Roman Weber, The University of Vermont

Unraveling the Role of AF10 in Acute Leukemia

Jamie L. Deutsch, University of Vermont

Two-Dimensional Materials as Laboratories for Fundamental Physics

Aaditya Dimri, University of Vermont

Terms and Concepts in Alternative Agriculture: Critical Discourse and Bibliometric Analysis

Benjamin T. Dube, Rubenstein School

Applying Polynomial Multiplication Algorithms to Cryptography

Marcus Elia, University of Vermont

Secondary Organic Aerosol Production via Ozonolysis of Green Leaf Volatiles

Kevin B. Fischer, The University of Vermont

Reactionary Postmodernism? Neoliberalism, Multiculturalism, the Internet, and the Ideology of the New Far Right in Germany

William Peter Fitz, UVM

Stress-strain response and seismic signature analysis of phyllite reservoir rocks from Blue Mountain geothermal field

Maziar Foroutan, The University of Vermont

Colonialism in Israel/Palestine: Bedouin Indigeneity & Racialized Religious Definitions

Eliana Fox

Depictions of Enemies of the Roman State

Celine A. Fraser, University of Vermont

Spatial Patterns and Personal Perceptions of Gentrification in Burlington, VT

Kimberly Nicole Furtado, University of Vermont

Displays of German Independence at the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition

Megan N. Gamiz

A Survey of Healthcare Providers’ Attitudes and Knowledge on E-cigarettes Based On Evidence-Based Practice

Thomas A. Geist

U.S. Refugee Resettlement: An Analysis of the Relationship between Available Community Assets in Chittenden County, Vermont and the Self-Sufficiency of Resettled Refugees

Emma Janine Gianoplus, University of Vermont

The Not-So Frozen Conflict: Russia’s Ambitions in the Arctic and their Implications for NATO in the Far North

Anya E. Gorodentsev

Underlying Motivations of Substance Abuse: A Study of Moral Values and Co-Occurring Addictive Behavior in Online Social Networks

Kelly C. Gothard

The Role of Daily Stress in the Psychosocial Well-Being Refugees and Torture Survivors

Brandon L. Gray, University of Vermont

New American Seed Systems: Resiliency and Diversity

June Guo, University of Vermont

Computational Modeling of Knee Joints in Persons 6 Months after ACL Reconstruction

Katlyn Hall

The Empire In Chicago: Ottoman Exhibits at the World's Columbian Exhibition (Attached to the HST 296 World’s Fair group)

Steven Hamilton

Brain-Behavior Connections in ASD: Making Sense of Neural Activity in Emotion Recognition and ToM

Yu Han

Women of the North: Defining Heroism in The Lord of the Rings and Medieval Germanic Literature

Briggs M. Heffernan

Investigations of Remote C-H Insertion of Vinyl Cations Leading to Cyclopentenones

Magenta Hensinger

The Effect of the Physical Environment on Palliative Care Conversations

Laura Elizabeth Hirsch

Characterization of daily patterns within the rumen metaproteome of holstein dairy cattle

Mallory C. Honan, The University of Vermont

Gender and alternative agriculture: Exploring determinants of resilience amongst women farmers in northern New England

Catherine Horner, Plant & Soil Science

Factors Influencing the Identification and Classification of Lower Elementary Students with Emotional Disturbance: Implications for Schools

Maria Graffeo Horton, University of Vermont

Munitions at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

Madeline R. Hunter, UVM - HST 296 World's Fair

Higher-order Runge--Kutta type schemes for the Method of Characteristics

Jeffrey S. Jewell, University of Vermont

Knowledge, Attitudes and Awareness of Lyme Disease in Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Marley Jurgensmeyer, University of Vermont

Detritivores and Carbon Cycling in Agroecosystems: Assessing the Potential of an Understudied Ecosystem Service

Eva Kinnebrew

Evaluating A Youth Racial Justice Program

Emily Klofft

Kham in the 1950s: Transition of Power in the Peripheries

Weiqing Kong

Improvement of a numerical method for modeling a semiconductor laser

Benjamin Kotzen

Enhancement of charge transfer in thermally-expanded and strain-stabilized TIPS-pentacene thin films

Yang Li

Measuring the implementation fidelity of the American Development Model

Leon Lifschutz

From Consumer to User: Illicit Drugs in Postmodern Art

Alice Matthews, The University of Vermont

Beyond Eviction: Factors at Play in Landlord Power

Annie E. McAneny

Investigation of molecular pathway and pathology of Non-Small Lung Cell Cancer mutations

Cai McCann, University of Vermont

Structurally Critical Elements for MutY DNA Glycosylase Recognition of Specific Damage Sites

Morgan A. McCord, University of Vermont

Changing local and regional food markets: perspectives from Vermont

Kali McPeters, The University of Vermont

Interaction of the novel WYR domain of flightin with the myosin rod changes its coiled-coil secondary structure

Lynda Marie Menard, University of Vermont

Using Machine Learning and Wearables to Classify Multiple Sclerosis Fall Risk

Brett Meyer

Defining Rural Education: Exploring the relationship between place and public education outcomes in New Hampshire

Jennifer Mitchell

Maternal blood arsenic levels and associations with birth weight-for-gestational age

Anne M. Mullin

Tools to Improve Apiary Inspection Programs

Faith N. Novella

Phantom Limb: An Exploration of Manner in Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories

Casey O'Reilly

Synthesis and Characterization of Green Tea - Zero Valent Iron (GT-ZVI) Nanoparticles for Ground Water Remediation

Benjamin Page, The University of Vermont

The Role of Place Attachment in Volunteer Monitoring: A Transnational Study of Engaging Volunteers

Rachel Pierson

Can Devaleraea mollis chromatically adapt?

Jake R. Pinkus, University of Vermont

Novel approach to prehospital stroke screening using a smartphone application

Cori Polonski, Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont

Queer Nostalgia: Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Contemporary Queer Identity

Edward R. Pomykaj, The University of Vermont

The Effects of Behavioral Oxytocin Modification on Romantic Attitudes

Madeline Yvette Powell, UVM

Critical Success Factors for Agritourism on Small and Medium Farms: A Multi-state Lens

Lindsay V. Quella, University of Vermont

Helping Communities Adapt and Plan for Coastal Hazards: Coastal Zone Management Program Recommendations for National Tool Developers

Kristin Raub, University of Vermont

Betting on the future of food: A quantitative model of food prices

Eric M. Recchia, Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont


Bonnie W. Reese

Recent Advancements in Base Metal Catalysis

Matthew Reuter

The Moderating Role of Parental Depression on the Relationship between Child Hostility and Family Functioning

Danielle Rice, University of Vermont

Digital Affect: Grief and the Rhetorical Situation After the Las Vegas Shooting

Andrew Ridgeway

Clinical Effectiveness of Dry Needling on Pain & Function in the Lower Extremity: A Systematic Literature Review

Brittany N. Rose, University of Vermont
Elizabeth Platz, University of Vermont
Thomas Direnzo, University of Vermont
Kyle Gadapee, University of Vermont
Meaghan DeCara, University of Vermont

Viable Targeted Immunization Strategies in Complex Networks: Addressing the Boundary Specification Problem

Samuel Frederick Rosenblatt, University of Vermont

Exploration of Story Arcs in Palliative Care Conversations Using Natural Language Processing

Lindsay May Ross

Digital Literacy & Rhetorical Listening in the First Year Composition Classroom

Amelia Royce

Agroecosystems: Crop domestication effects on insect agrobiodiversity

Jorge A. Ruiz-Arocho, The University of Vermont

Willkommenskultur in East and West Germany: Examining through protest how and why levels of xenophobia and acceptance of refugees/migrants vary between the former GDR and FRG

Anna Ryan

Modeling the effects of global change and associated adaptive silvicultural systems in Northern New Hampshire

Jennifer Santoro, UVM

Nutrient removal in a woodchip bioreactor bed receiving silage bunker runoff at the UVM Miller Research Farm

Jillian Sarazen, The University of Vermont

Exposure to urban parks improves mood and reduces negativity on Twitter

Aaron J. Schwartz, University of Vermont

Life Settlements in the U.S.: An Empirical Analysis of Regulatory Effects

Colin E. Serra

Making Novel Arsenic-Based Materials

Dennis Michael Seth Jr, University of Vermont

Riding the City: Renegade Spaces of Street BMX

Connor Smith Mr.

My Fair Lady: Exotic Women on the Midway Plaisance and the Challenges to White Womanhood at the Chicago World's Fair

Courtney A. Smith

Absence of host-associated mating shapes application of swede midge pheromone mating disruption

Andrea E. M. Swan, University of Vermont

Compensatory Habits Among Diners Based on Food Descriptions

Victoria Taormina

Re-Imagining Providence: Creative Placemaking, Citizen Engagement, and the Post-Industrial City

Gillian Hope Tiley

Human behavioral factors influencing biosecurity compliance: Evidence from an Experimental Game

Luke Trinity, University of Vermont

Comparison of phosphorus loss estimation tools at predicting nutrient transport in humid regions with undulating topography.

Cameron R. Twombly

Colonic Bacterial Composition in Aged CD-1 Mice Fed Diets Varying in Fat Quality is Sex-dependent

Allison L. Unger, The University of Vermont

Understanding International Service-Learning Courses and Holistic Student Development

Meghan C. Vogel, UVM

Shoulder Muscle Activation During Aerobic and Rehabilitative Exercise

Brittany von Oldenburg
Christina Barr
Tyler J. Gregory
Jeremiah Crawford
Marta Topor

Metal-semicoductor contact effects and temperature-dependence of carrier transport in large-grain organic semiconductor thin film transistors

Jing wan, university of vermont

Investigation of the 1,3-diaza-Claisen Rearrangements in Ring Expansion of Vinyl N-heterocycles

Teruki Watanabe

Phenotyping of the Airway Epithelium in Search for Subpopulation of Cells Conferring Long Term Risk for Developing Lung Cancer

Alexander Hunter Weingart, University of Vermont

Optimizing Over Summer Snow Storage at the Craftsbury Outdoors Center, Craftsbury, VT

Hannah Weiss

Role of Farmer Networks in Supporting Adaptive Capacity of Farmers in the Northeastern US

Alissa White, University of Vermont

Resilience of Viral Genotype Networks Toward Strain-Transcending Immunity

Blake JM Williams, University of Vermont

Relationship Between Gas Solubilities/Diffusivities and Dielectric Properties of Gas Infused Polymer System under High Temperatures and High Pressures

Xiangxiao Yao

Stable Recursion Relation for the Canonical Partition Function of Non-Interacting Fermions

Jiangyong Yu

Trends in Minimally Invasive vs. Surgical Breast Biopsy and Risk Factors of Breast Cancer Upgrading in Vermont

Yi-Chuan Yu