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The mediation of negative outcomes through empathy: an examination of anxiety and prosocial behavior

May Albee

Assessing livelihood diversification in smallholder coffee communities in Chiapas, Mexico: A Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach

Janica Anderzen, Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC)

Modeling Extreme Event Preparedness and Regulator Feedback in the Missisquoi Bay Area of Vermont

Kevin A. Andrew, University of Vermont

The Role of Religion and Spirituality as Factors in Successful Recovery from Alcoholism for AA Members in Vermont

Elizabeth Bambury, University of Vermont

Understanding Public Perceptions of Immigrant Criminality

Hayley S. Barriere, University of Vermont

Threat Detection on Twitter Using Corpus Linguistics

Addie Beach, University of Vermont

Biosecurity Compliance Thought Immersive Virtual Reality Simulations

Robert Michael Beattie Jr, University of Vermont

Monitoring of Pollution Regulation in Rural Provinces in China:2010-2016

Kierstin M. Brewton, University of Vermont

Access to Blue Space in Postcolonial Hawaiʻi Island

Jill F. Brooks, The University of Vermont

Cognitive and Chronobiological Vulnerabilities as Mediators of Acute Outcomes in CBT-SAD and Light Therapy for Winter Depression

Julie Camuso

Sexual Subcultures: Exploring Correlates of Participating in Online Kink Communities for Men and Women

Wilson A. Captein, University of Vermont

Targeting the Roots of Disaster: Community Work Dismantling Vulnerability in Mariana, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Rachael E. Carrell, The University of Vermont

Bridging the Achievement Gap Through Family-Professinal Partnership: Project RAFT

Kaila Ann Carson, The University of Vermont


Katelynn Maria Conedera, University of Vermont

Native Saints: Hagiography and Racialization in Colonial New France

Quinn Cosentino, University of Vermont

Exploring the Emerging Trend of Gender Inclusivity in Women's Centers: A Community Based Research Project and Evaluation of UVM's Women's Center

Claire G. Crowley

Supporting Agricultural Growth: Social Networks and Resilience Among U.S. Women Farmers and Ranchers

Kerry Daigle, University of Vermont

Sexual Compulsion, Violent Fantasies, and Shame

Lilian R. Dalton

Does Aerobic Fitness Moderate the Association Between ADHD Symptoms and Academic Performance?

Marissa Dennis, University of Vermont

All of Harry’s Possessions: English Genitive Patterns in Harry Potter

Jeremiah Eaton, University of Vermont
Michael Roach, University of Vermont
Colleen Walsh, University of Vermont

The communication network of Hurricane María victims on Twitter

Benjamin Freixas Emery, University of Vermont

Psychopathy, Gender, and Emotion Regulation: A Moderated Mediation Model

Amanda K. Falcon, The University of Vermont

Proficiency Based Learning and Math Anxiety

Sara Fergus

The International Institute: A 100 Year History

Brenna Foley, University of Vermont

Up in the North Country: Pushing the western border of Western New England English

Shannon Foley, University of Vermont

"Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin": Semantic prosody and character identity in Harry Potter

Shannon Foley, University of Vermont
Addie Beach, University of Vermont

An analysis of the relation between metabolic measures and childhood mood dysregulation

Rachel H. Foster

Staying or leaving: UVM seniors' post graduation plans

Lindsay A. Freed

Spatial Patterns and Personal Perceptions of Gentrification in Burlington, VT

Kimberly Nicole Furtado, University of Vermont

Second Language Acquisition and Memory Training Transfer: Could working memory training facilitate the learning of a second language?

Jessica Godes

The Role of Daily Stress in the Psychosocial Well-Being Refugees and Torture Survivors

Brandon L. Gray, University of Vermont

English verb regularization in books and tweets

Tyler J. Gray, UVM

School District Consolidation in Vermont: Are Larger School Districts Able to Provide Students with the Most Equitable Education Compared to Smaller School Districts and What Implication Does This Have on the Future of Education in Vermont

Amanda Grzywna, The University of Vermont
Daniel Kronlund, The University of Vermont
Aliyah Rosen, The University of Vermont

New American Seed Systems: Resiliency and Diversity

June Guo, University of Vermont

Gender and alternative agriculture: Exploring determinants of resilience amongst women farmers in northern New England

Catherine Horner, Plant & Soil Science

Types of Torture as a Predictor of PTSD Symptomology

Phyu Pannu Khin, University of Vermont

Evaluating A Youth Racial Justice Program

Emily Klofft


SEFAKOR G.M.A. KOMABU-POMEYIE PhD Candidate, The University of Vermont

The Unique Effects of ADHD Symptoms and Processing Speed on Preschoolers' School Readiness

Allison Mae Krasner, University of Vermont

Factors Associated with Recurrent Homelessness and Housing Instability in Vermont Veterans

Stephanie Susan Kulaga

Anxious Rejection Sensitivity and Disordered Eating Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Blunted Stress Reactivity

Emily G. Kunsman, University of Vermont

The moderational effect of sexual assault on the relation between social support and PTSD

Alison C. Legrand, The University of Vermont

Social Space: Distribution of Pottery in Ancient Homes and Culture Significance in the South West

Tara M. Lewis

Measuring the implementation fidelity of the American Development Model

Leon Lifschutz

A Data-Driven Clustering of Subjects Based on Brain Activation Reveals Phenotypic Group Differences

Hannah Marie Loso, The University of Vermont

Beyond Eviction: Factors at Play in Landlord Power

Annie E. McAneny

Characterizing the dynamics of cultural phenomena with Tweets

Joshua Minot, UVM
Michael Arnold, UVM

Defining Rural Education: Exploring the relationship between place and public education outcomes in New Hampshire

Jennifer Mitchell

Confidence and Injury Risk in Collegiate Athletes

Jake F. Mogerman, The University of Vermont

Who Really Cares About Climate Change? The Demographics of Perceptions of Climate Change in the United States

Roberta Molokandov, University of Vermont

Aligning Restorative Practices with Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in an Elementary School

Mika Moore, University of Vermont

Discussing Difference: Using Tier One Restorative Circles in a Special Education Course

Mika Moore, University of Vermont

Correlation and Causation: Income Inequality and Entrepreneurship

Payne Morgan, University of Vermont

Affirmative Consent Policies at the Federal, State, and University Levels

Gillian M. Natanagara, University of Vermont
Andrew L. Ehler, University of Vermont
Kaity Tuohy, University of Vermont

School Transiency: What Do Students with Disability Say About School Transiency, Service Delivery and What They Need to Be Successful?

Laura R. Nugent, University of Vermont

Lawn Alternatives in Vermont

Phoebe Paron

Detecting Critical Decision Points during Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Light Therapy for Winter Depression

Jessica Perez, UVM

The Role of Place Attachment in Volunteer Monitoring: A Transnational Study of Engaging Volunteers

Rachel Pierson

The Effects of Behavioral Oxytocin Modification on Romantic Attitudes

Madeline Yvette Powell, UVM

Critical Success Factors for Agritourism on Small and Medium Farms: A Multi-state Lens

Lindsay V. Quella, University of Vermont

Landscape Identity and Pottery

Timothy J. Quesnell

Helping Communities Adapt and Plan for Coastal Hazards: Coastal Zone Management Program Recommendations for National Tool Developers

Kristin Raub, University of Vermont

Betting on the future of food: A quantitative model of food prices

Eric M. Recchia, Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont

Identification of Stressors Experienced by Parents of Infants in the NICU

Annie W. Resnikoff

The Moderating Role of Parental Depression on the Relationship between Child Hostility and Family Functioning

Danielle Rice, University of Vermont

Willkommenskultur in East and West Germany: Examining through protest how and why levels of xenophobia and acceptance of refugees/migrants vary between the former GDR and FRG

Anna Ryan

Effects of Demographic and Institutional Factors on New York State Graduation Rates

Sophie E. Sepel

Life Settlements in the U.S.: An Empirical Analysis of Regulatory Effects

Colin E. Serra

Student Engagement in Mathematics: Comparing Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in Finland and the United States at the Middle School Level

Rachel E. Slimovitch, University of Vermont

Riding the City: Renegade Spaces of Street BMX

Connor Smith Mr.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the CSAC "OK, You've Got This" Parenting for Resilience Program

Stephanie Smith

The Moderating Role of Anxiety on the Relationship Between CU Traits and Emotion Regulation

Aly Spencer, University of Vermont

Leveraging the social acceptability and political feasibility of flood policy to build resilience in the Lake Champlain Richelieu River basin

Emma J. Spett, University of Vermont

Americans who speak or Americans that speak? Formality and relative pronouns in spoken English

Rain Storer
Kaitlin Clark

Does Parenting Mediate the Relationship Between Cumulative SES Risk and Child Outcomes? A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Alexandra D. Sullivan, The University of Vermont

Re-Imagining Providence: Creative Placemaking, Citizen Engagement, and the Post-Industrial City

Gillian Hope Tiley

Human behavioral factors influencing biosecurity compliance: Evidence from an Experimental Game

Luke Trinity, University of Vermont

Concerned Significant Others' Experiences as Support Providers After Traumatic Injury

Katherine A. van Stolk-Cooke, University of Vermont

Understanding International Service-Learning Courses and Holistic Student Development

Meghan C. Vogel, UVM

Links Between Children’s Reactions to Interparental Conflict and Psychological Well-Being

Holly Weldon, The University of Vermont

Is Hermione Really as Polite as She Seems? : Structuring Gendered Interactions Through Politeness Constructs in Harry Potter

Talia Welsch
Max Greenwood

Emerging Adults’ Perceptions of Disordered Eating among Close Friends, Popular Peers, and Well-Liked Peers: Associations with Adjustment

Rebecca Wittlin, University of Vermont

Sticks, Stones, and Social Exclusion: Do Parents’ Recommended Coping Strategies Vary by Child Victimization Type?

Emily Young, University of Vermont
Chloe Schafer, University of Vermont
Hannah Ritz, University of Vermont
Maria C. Lent, University of Vermont
Alexandra D. Sullivan, University of Vermont

Sustainability Reporting in Local Government in the United States

Yu Zeng, UVM