Program, schedule of events, and presentation abstracts for the 2019 Student Research Conference in alphabetical order by title.

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TsRNA in Aggressive Breast Cancer

Caroline Adams

Signs Preceding the End of the World as Underworld Mythology

Jeffrey Adams, The University of Vermont
Anika Gilwald, The University of Vermont

Lack vs. Difference: Clearing a Space for Asexual Theory

Nicholas Adler, The University of Vermont

The Effects of Cognitive Training on Balance and Mobility in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis

Kaley Ahern

Transient Voltage Pulse Propagation on Transmission Lines with Multiple Reflections

Katherine Aho, University of Vermont

The mediation of negative outcomes through empathy: an examination of anxiety and prosocial behavior

May Albee

The influence of Mitochondrial Positioning on ROS levels and Redox Status of Proteins

Haya Alshaabi

Interaction of Age and Cancer Treatment on Brain Function and Structure in Breast Cancer Survivors

Yara Alshaabi, UVM

Updating Chemistry Demos using Next Generation Science Standards

Alexandria M. Alveshere, UVM

Application of drinking water treatment residuals to green stormwater infrastructure for enhanced phosphorus removal

Michael R. Ament, University of Vermont

Exploring the Biogeographic History and Phylogenetic Relationships of Caribbean Spiders in the Genus Eriophora

Jonathon D. Ancowitz, University of Vermont

Assessing livelihood diversification in smallholder coffee communities in Chiapas, Mexico: A Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach

Janica Anderzen, Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC)

Modeling Extreme Event Preparedness and Regulator Feedback in the Missisquoi Bay Area of Vermont

Kevin A. Andrew, University of Vermont

Vermont's Empire of Identity: Tracking Ideological Processes to "Sustainable" Agriculture

Katie A. Arms

Se Llama Calaguala: Examining the Ethnobotanical History and Phylogeny of Phlebodium

Brianna Arnold

Investigating the potential of American Bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus) to serve as disease reservoirs in Vermont and Brazilian amphibian communities

Lauren V. Ash, The University of Vermont

Daughters of Ares: The Iconography of Amazons

Peyton K. Ashley

Milk Production of Organic Dairy Cattle is Influenced by Altering Supplemental Feed Protein Content.

Ariel Ayers

Farmer’s Attitudes & Beliefs of Climate Change Over Time

Jessica M. Ball, University of Vermont

The Role of Religion and Spirituality as Factors in Successful Recovery from Alcoholism for AA Members in Vermont

Elizabeth Bambury, University of Vermont

Soil Liquefaction – Centrifuge and Fluid Dynamics Modeling

SOHAM BANERJEE, University of Vermont

Identifying Tnt1 transposon insertions in the NPF1B gene of Medicago truncatula through PCR screening

Katherine Anne Bardsley, University of Vermont

Coupling of lower and upper extremity forces during walking with assistive devices in community-dwelling older adults.

Kelsey B. Barklund, The University of Vermont
David A. Alpert
Caroline Buchanan, The University of Vermont
Derek Roberts, The University of Vermont
Kelsey Spitalnic, The University of Vermont

Understanding Public Perceptions of Immigrant Criminality

Hayley S. Barriere, University of Vermont

The Effect of Diabetes on Cognition in Pre, Peri, and Post-Menopausal Middle-Aged Women

Kara Ann Bates, University of Vermont

Threat Detection on Twitter Using Corpus Linguistics

Addie Beach, University of Vermont

The Evolutionary Effects of Digestion on the Brain

Asher Bean

Responses of Small Mammal Communities to Local and Landscape Variables in a Forest/Agriculture Mosaic

Emily M. Beasley, UVM Biology

Biosecurity Compliance Thought Immersive Virtual Reality Simulations

Robert Michael Beattie Jr, University of Vermont

UAFS: Uncertainty Aware Feature Selection for Multiple Imputation Problems

Andrew J. Becker, The University of Vermont

Cognitive-Motor Dual-Task Cost in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Brittany Belanger

Evaluation of ULK-1 as a Target for non-canonical TARS Regulation of the Autophagy Pathway in Ovarian Cancer

Jacob Ward Bellotte

Alnôbak Agency in a Colonized Landscape

Margaret E. Bennett

Adapting the Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients to a Rural EMS System: the “50 Minute Rule”

Jamie S. Benson, University of Vermont

Computational Analysis of Benzothieno Benzothiphene Derivatives Using Density Functional Theory

Jared C. Benson, The University of Vermont

Effect of fatigue on standing balance and cognition in mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Hannah Bernier

A Comparative Study of Plant Species Eaten by Semi-Captive Elephants in the Wet and the Dry Season at the Elephant Valley Project, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia

Beatrix Roxane Berry

DNA Methylation in the 5'AMPK Gene Family of Cattle and Bison

Suraj Bhattarai, University of Vermont

Muscle contributes to the inflammatory environment following lung injury

Joseph J. Bivona III, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Department of Medicine

The importance of winter foraging by thermally-dissimilar fish species

Benjamin D. Block, Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory, UVM

Characterization of the Gene Expression Program of a Mutant Thyroid Hormone Receptor in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Eric Bolf

Incorporation of dietary fish-, dairy- and plant-derived fatty acids into red blood cell membranes

Emily E. Bono

Quantifying Mineral Weathering Across Lateral Gradients Using a Whole-Regolith Approach

Jenny Bower, University of Vermont

Genome-based Drug Repositioning as a Viable Option for the Identification of New Epilepsy Treatments

Jeffrey L. Brabec, The University of Vermont
Montana Lara, The University of Vermont

How Vermonters Feel About Coyotes

Ashley P. Bray

Tout a Changé! The Spectre of Islam in a (Secular) Catholic France

Katherine Elizabeth Brennan

Monitoring of Pollution Regulation in Rural Provinces in China:2010-2016

Kierstin M. Brewton, University of Vermont

Mythology on Ancient Pottery: A Comparative Analysis

Aubrey L. Brimmer

The importance of food security in promoting positive mental well-being in middle school students

Jesse Brinkman, University of Vermont

Access to Blue Space in Postcolonial Hawaiʻi Island

Jill F. Brooks, The University of Vermont

Physical Activity for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: What are Physical Therapists Prescribing? A Mixed-Methods Study

KC Bruch, The University of Vermont
Nicholas Franssen, The University of Vermont
Kaleigh Mulpeter, The University of Vermont
Leanne Scott, The University of Vermont

Does pre-exposure to stress give rise to adaptive responses in the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)?

Erika M. Bueno, University of Vermont

Investigating the Role of Health Halos and Reactance on Food Choice

Katherine L. Bullock, University of Vermont

Effect of experimental disturbance on forest vegetation biodiversity

Kerria Burns, University of Vermont

Is worn equipment associated with rates of injury or lost work time in tactical personnel?: A systematic literature review

Sam Bursell
Caitlin Corrice
Zachary LaPoint
Sebastian Van Dyck

Cognitive and Chronobiological Vulnerabilities as Mediators of Acute Outcomes in CBT-SAD and Light Therapy for Winter Depression

Julie Camuso

A neuroepigenomic investigation of DNA methylation in cattle with extreme measures of docility

Bonnie Ann Cantrell, University of Vermont

Sexual Subcultures: Exploring Correlates of Participating in Online Kink Communities for Men and Women

Wilson A. Captein, University of Vermont

Interspecies comparisons of advanced cognitive abilities through cell density of prefrontal cortical layers

Jennifer M. Carellas, University of Vermont

Retrospective Analysis of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lip Treated at the University of Vermont Medical Center

Cari Carpenter, UVM Larner College of Medicine

Targeting the Roots of Disaster: Community Work Dismantling Vulnerability in Mariana, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Rachael E. Carrell, The University of Vermont

Bridging the Achievement Gap Through Family-Professinal Partnership: Project RAFT

Kaila Ann Carson, The University of Vermont

Modelling Disease Spillover Using Multipartite Networks

Brendan K. Case, University of Vermont

Comparison of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from milk and humans on dairy farms

Ashma Chakrawarti Ms, The University of Vermont

Lung epithelial PDIA3 plays a critical role in influenza infection

Nicolas Chamberlain, UVM

Implications of depleting tumor suppressor p73 in adipogenesis

Alison Chivers

The Effects of a Single Session of Yoga on Anxiety Levels in Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Over 24 Hours: A Pilot Study

Alyssa Chmielewski, University of Vermont
Howard Badillo, University of Vermont
Maddie Hobaugh, University of Vermont
Siobhan Sullivan, University of Vermont

A primary care learning collaborative to improve office systems and clinical management of pediatric asthma

Michael V. Chmielewski

The Effects of a Dual Motor-Cognition Task on Cognitive Overload in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: An fNIRs Study

Anna Chupak

Germination, Phenology, and Plant Allocation Patterns of Northeastern Tree Seedlings in Response to Future Precipitation Scenarios

Peter Clark, UVM
Tony D'Amato, UVM

Sounds from a Dream Place: Politics, Religion, and Tourism in Kagbeni, Nepal

Abra K. Clawson

Dark Night of the Soul: Catholic Articulations of Atomic Trauma in Seirai Yuichi's "Ground Zero, Nagasaki"

Stratton Elizabeth Coleman, University of Vermont, Arts and Sciences

A clay-specific mineralogical approach to the dynamics of agricultural runoff through a wetland site in a watershed in Sheldon, VT.

Alexander Charles Collins


Katelynn Maria Conedera, University of Vermont

Exploring the Indirect Mental Health Impacts of Cyanobacteria Blooms in St. Albans Bay

Will C. Corcoran

Big Cats around the globe: How communities around the globe perceive their backyard big cats

Will C. Corcoran, UVM

Measurement of Changes in Heme Ruffling Caused by Heme-Degrading Enzyme, IsdG

Amanda Rose Cornetta, University of Vermont

Native Saints: Hagiography and Racialization in Colonial New France

Quinn Cosentino, University of Vermont

Next Generation Sequencing: A Tool For Cancer Reseach and The Development of Precision Cancer Medicine

Lauren M. Cozzens

Physical Fatigue and its Effects on Postural Control and Cognitive Function in Older Adults

Alexa Crosby, The University of Vermont
Ashley Mitson, The University of Vermont
Noah Book, The University of Vermont
Marcus Soto, The University of Vermont

Exploring the Emerging Trend of Gender Inclusivity in Women's Centers: A Community Based Research Project and Evaluation of UVM's Women's Center

Claire G. Crowley

Perylene TCNQ Charge Transfer crystal complex for use in organic solar cells

Ekraj Dahal

Supporting Agricultural Growth: Social Networks and Resilience Among U.S. Women Farmers and Ranchers

Kerry Daigle, University of Vermont

Sexual Compulsion, Violent Fantasies, and Shame

Lilian R. Dalton

Methods for Network Comparison

Alexander Daniels

Thyroid Hormone Receptor Beta Suppresses PI3K and Metabolic Signaling in Thyroid Cancer

Cole Davidson

Effect of Boat Activity on the Acoustic Communication of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) of Dolphin Bay, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Rebecca Ann Daw

From Assimilated to Outstandingly Jewish: Displaying American Jewry at the Chicago World’s Fairs of 1893 and 1933

Kiara B. Day

Difference in cold tolerance of Drosophila melanogaster in Vermont and Chiapas

Caitlin C. DeCara, University of Vermont

Improving Algorithmic Fairness Through Sequential Dataset Construction

Todd F. DeLuca

Does Aerobic Fitness Moderate the Association Between ADHD Symptoms and Academic Performance?

Marissa Dennis, University of Vermont

Understanding the Mutually Dynamic Relationship Between Tree Species Present and the Underlying Parent Material

Gene Otello Desideraggio

Prognostic Factors in the Prevention of Pressure Injury in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Literature Review

Jessica Desorcie, The University of Vermont
Danielle Saad, The University of Vermont
Samuel Gagnon, The University of Vermont
Roman Weber, The University of Vermont

Unraveling the Role of AF10 in Acute Leukemia

Jamie L. Deutsch, University of Vermont

Selection mechanisms affect volatility in evolving markets

David Rushing Dewhurst, UVM
Colin M. Van Oort, UVM

Two-Dimensional Materials as Laboratories for Fundamental Physics

Aaditya Dimri, University of Vermont

When benefits outweigh the risks: Implications for substance use in juvenile offenders

Ashley Dobbins, UVM
Amanda Falcón, UVM

Using Pulsed-laser deposition to produce digital-alloy contact layers and characterize the Perovskite solar cell

Bin Du, The University of Vermont

Terms and Concepts in Alternative Agriculture: Critical Discourse and Bibliometric Analysis

Benjamin T. Dube, Rubenstein School

Characterization of forward and reverse Sema6A signaling in Zebrafish eye development

Caroline M. Dumas, University of Vermont

A Wilderness Techscape: Land-Use Conflict, Work, and Recreation in the Central Klamath River Region

Claire E. Dumont

Male Representations of Female Sanctity: Thomas of Cantimpré and Lutgard of Aywières

Juliet Castleman Duncan

Uncertainty in the Palliative Care Context

Brigitte N. Durieux, UVM

Identifying Connectional Silence in Palliative Care Consultations

Brigitte N. Durieux, UVM
Cailin J. Gramling, UVM

Synthesis of a Highly Twisted Dibenzo[g,p]chrysene

Adam M. Dyer Mr, The University of Vermont

All of Harry’s Possessions: English Genitive Patterns in Harry Potter

Jeremiah Eaton, University of Vermont
Michael Roach, University of Vermont
Colleen Walsh, University of Vermont

Your Best Shot: An Analysis of Shot Distributions for Women’s Basketball

Jennifer Eberling, University of Vermont

Extracting & Quantifying the Organic Composition of Biodiesel Exhaust Particulate Matter

Frances Eisinger

Radar usage in respiratory rate measurement

Anwar Elhadad, UVM

Applying Polynomial Multiplication Algorithms to Cryptography

Marcus Elia, University of Vermont

The communication network of Hurricane María victims on Twitter

Benjamin Freixas Emery, University of Vermont

Characterization of the AHA2 and IRT1 Iron Uptake Mutant Phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana

Seth W. Epling, University of Vermont

Characterizing the Protein Profile of Bovine Colostrum and Transition Milk

Megan J. Fahey, University of Vermont

Psychopathy, Gender, and Emotion Regulation: A Moderated Mediation Model

Amanda K. Falcon, The University of Vermont

Abundance and Distribution of Picea rubens in an Elevational Tension Zone

Liam Farley, UVM

Proficiency Based Learning and Math Anxiety

Sara Fergus

Soft-Tissue Artefact of Wearable Inertial Measurement Units for Human Motion Analysis

Jonathan M. Ferri, CEMS, EBE

Sodium limitation: the impact of sodium chloride on functional traits in a terrestrial ecosystem

Carrie J. Finkelstein, University of Vermont

Fruit & vegetable Rx program as an effective strategy to increase fruit and vegetable consumption

Jessica Fischer
Ashley Simons

Secondary Organic Aerosol Production via Ozonolysis of Green Leaf Volatiles

Kevin B. Fischer, The University of Vermont

Reactionary Postmodernism? Neoliberalism, Multiculturalism, the Internet, and the Ideology of the New Far Right in Germany

William Peter Fitz, UVM

The International Institute: A 100 Year History

Brenna Foley, University of Vermont

Up in the North Country: Pushing the western border of Western New England English

Shannon Foley, University of Vermont

"Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin": Semantic prosody and character identity in Harry Potter

Shannon Foley, University of Vermont
Addie Beach, University of Vermont

Stress-strain response and seismic signature analysis of phyllite reservoir rocks from Blue Mountain geothermal field

Maziar Foroutan, The University of Vermont

An analysis of the relation between metabolic measures and childhood mood dysregulation

Rachel H. Foster

Colonialism in Israel/Palestine: Bedouin Indigeneity & Racialized Religious Definitions

Eliana Fox

Student Perceptions of Humanely Raised Livestock

Rachel Frankenfield
Katie Robinson
Lily Abrams
Charity Warner
Audrey Tuck
Annie McAneny

Depictions of Enemies of the Roman State

Celine A. Fraser, University of Vermont

Staying or leaving: UVM seniors' post graduation plans

Lindsay A. Freed

Spatial Patterns and Personal Perceptions of Gentrification in Burlington, VT

Kimberly Nicole Furtado, University of Vermont

Clonal propagation of scented geraniums using leaf/petiole cuttings

Alexander Gagnon

Wellbeing in Vermont: Insights from the Happiness Index

Kati Gallagher, University of Vermont

Displays of German Independence at the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition

Megan N. Gamiz

HUVEC Tubular Formation on Bio-inspired Vascularization Substrate

Luis M. Garcia, University of Vermont

A Survey of Healthcare Providers’ Attitudes and Knowledge on E-cigarettes Based On Evidence-Based Practice

Thomas A. Geist

Do racial minority patients in the United States have similar patient outcomes to majority (white) patients regarding inpatient rehabilitation?

Rebecca Gever, The University of Vermont
Catherine Bergeron-Radoux, The University of Vermont
Daniel Olmschenk, The University of Vermont
Kellsey Buerge, The University of Vermont

U.S. Refugee Resettlement: An Analysis of the Relationship between Available Community Assets in Chittenden County, Vermont and the Self-Sufficiency of Resettled Refugees

Emma Janine Gianoplus, University of Vermont

Restoration of thyroid hormone receptor beta signaling re-programs anaplastic thyroid cancer cells

Noelle E. Gillis, University of Vermont

Second Language Acquisition and Memory Training Transfer: Could working memory training facilitate the learning of a second language?

Jessica Godes

Functional Outcome Measures for Patients Who Have Undergone Total Hip Arthroplasty

Abby N. Goldman

The Role of Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase in Regulating Autophagy in Ovarian Cancer

Keira L. Goodell, University of Vermont

The Not-So Frozen Conflict: Russia’s Ambitions in the Arctic and their Implications for NATO in the Far North

Anya E. Gorodentsev

Underlying Motivations of Substance Abuse: A Study of Moral Values and Co-Occurring Addictive Behavior in Online Social Networks

Kelly C. Gothard

The Role of Daily Stress in the Psychosocial Well-Being Refugees and Torture Survivors

Brandon L. Gray, University of Vermont

English verb regularization in books and tweets

Tyler J. Gray, UVM

School District Consolidation in Vermont: Are Larger School Districts Able to Provide Students with the Most Equitable Education Compared to Smaller School Districts and What Implication Does This Have on the Future of Education in Vermont

Amanda Grzywna, The University of Vermont
Daniel Kronlund, The University of Vermont
Aliyah Rosen, The University of Vermont

New American Seed Systems: Resiliency and Diversity

June Guo, University of Vermont

Descent with modification in vertebrate skeletal anatomy

Tianyu Guo
Zirui Zhao
Lyucheng Zou

Identifying predictive brain structure features in alcohol dependent subjects

Sage Hahn, University of Vermont

Anthropological Perspective: Community Organizing in Burlington, Vermont

Aden Osman Haji, University of Vermont

Computational Modeling of Knee Joints in Persons 6 Months after ACL Reconstruction

Katlyn Hall

The Empire In Chicago: Ottoman Exhibits at the World's Columbian Exhibition (Attached to the HST 296 World’s Fair group)

Steven Hamilton

Brain-Behavior Connections in ASD: Making Sense of Neural Activity in Emotion Recognition and ToM

Yu Han

Essential Oil Production: Mint and Lavender Variety Trials in Upstate New York

Aine Hardaker, UVM

Genomic organization of the herpesviral genome within the host cell nucleus

Elaine Judith Hasenohr

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and the Mapping of Water Chestnut in the Lake Champlain Basin

Madeline C. Hayes, The University of Vermont

Statistical Analysis of Auction House Prices Through Maya Pottery

Dillon J. Healy Mr.

Does the Rodent Cerebellum Play a Role in Cognitive Flexibility?

Kierstin E. Hederstedt, University of Vermont

Women of the North: Defining Heroism in The Lord of the Rings and Medieval Germanic Literature

Briggs M. Heffernan

Investigations of Remote C-H Insertion of Vinyl Cations Leading to Cyclopentenones

Magenta Hensinger

Can linguistic innovations bridge the gender divide?: Inclusive language in contemporary Spanish social media

Julia Higa
Michael Dunham

The Effect of the Physical Environment on Palliative Care Conversations

Laura Elizabeth Hirsch

Using the EAE mouse model to understand constipation in MS

Emily Anne Holt, University of Vermont

Characterization of daily patterns within the rumen metaproteome of holstein dairy cattle

Mallory C. Honan, The University of Vermont

Gender and alternative agriculture: Exploring determinants of resilience amongst women farmers in northern New England

Catherine Horner, Plant & Soil Science

Factors Influencing the Identification and Classification of Lower Elementary Students with Emotional Disturbance: Implications for Schools

Maria Graffeo Horton, University of Vermont

Accurate inference about crowdsourcing problems when using efficient allocation strategies

Abigail Jane Hotaling

Monitoring Marine Biodiversity through Soundscape Analysis

Jessa E. Houghton, The University of Vermont
Caroline B. Dunbar, The University of Vermont
Jade L. McMillan, The University of Vermont

Mechanism of Mucin Degradation by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

Morgan I. Howlett, UVM

Munitions at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition

Madeline R. Hunter, UVM - HST 296 World's Fair


Julia Francis Hurd, The University of Vermont

High Precision Control of Narrow Emission Resonant Microcavity OLED Devices

Benjamin Isenhart, University of Vermont

Implementation of Food Insecurity Screening in Adult Primary Care Patients

Arjun Janardhan

Repairing ceramics: Functional and Artistic

Tori R. Jarvis, UVM

Spatiotemporal trajectories as a new approach for studying concentration-discharge relationships of hydrological events

Ali Javed, The University of Vermont

Exploring Perceptions of Veganism

Laura A. Jennings, University of Vermont

Higher-order Runge--Kutta type schemes for the Method of Characteristics

Jeffrey S. Jewell, University of Vermont

Educational Applications of an Enhanced Augmented Reality Sandbox

Eliza H. Jobin-Davis, UVM Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mapping Forest Cover Change during Cuba's Special Period & Beyond

Erin S. Johnson, The University of Vermont

Analysis of the population size of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Dolphin Bay, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Amanda Jones

Trends in Diet and Chronobiology in College Students

Lauren M. Jones, The University of Vermont

Knowledge, Attitudes and Awareness of Lyme Disease in Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Marley Jurgensmeyer, University of Vermont

Experimental Study of Fracture Permeability Evolution in Phyllite Reservoir Rock Specimen from Blue Mountain Geothermal Field

Bijay K C

The Effect of a Proline and Allantoin Diet on Cold Tolerance in Aphaenogaster picea

Jhanavi H. Kapadia, The University of Vermont

Comparison of Low-Cost CO2 Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Sensors for Ambient Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Annaliese Keimel

Isolation and Characterization of Lactobacillus Species Associated with Disease Susceptibility in a Murine Model of Multiple Sclerosis

Josie Kennedy

Propranolol Use and Risk of Primary Melanoma: A Single Institution Retrospective Study

Marie C. Kenney, The University of Vermont

Understanding Family-Professional Partnerships: Bridging the Gap Between Refugee Families and Educators with Project RAFT

Jordan Kerr

Cinnamon bark oil minimum inhibitory concentration for Staphylococcus aureus

Samantha Joan Keum, UVM

Fate of Perfluoroalkyl Substances on an Electrically-Polarized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube/Polyamide Composite Nanofiltration Membrane

Kamruzzaman Khan, University of Vermont

Types of Torture as a Predictor of PTSD Symptomology

Phyu Pannu Khin, University of Vermont

A Quantization based Approach for Heterogeneity under Packetized Energy Management

Adil Khurram, UVM

Detritivores and Carbon Cycling in Agroecosystems: Assessing the Potential of an Understudied Ecosystem Service

Eva Kinnebrew

Controlling Household Appliances for Renewable Energy Integration

Andrew Klem

Evaluating A Youth Racial Justice Program

Emily Klofft

Development of Clinically-Relevant Piglet Model for the Study of Impact of Surgery on the Developing Brain

Danielle A. Kolliopoulos


SEFAKOR G.M.A. KOMABU-POMEYIE PhD Candidate, The University of Vermont

Kham in the 1950s: Transition of Power in the Peripheries

Weiqing Kong

Improvement of a numerical method for modeling a semiconductor laser

Benjamin Kotzen

The Unique Effects of ADHD Symptoms and Processing Speed on Preschoolers' School Readiness

Allison Mae Krasner, University of Vermont

Characterizing the Effects of Post-Translational Modifications on the Kinesin Motor Protein Kif18A During Cell Division

Christopher P. Kruglik, The University of Vermont

Factors Associated with Recurrent Homelessness and Housing Instability in Vermont Veterans

Stephanie Susan Kulaga

Anxious Rejection Sensitivity and Disordered Eating Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Blunted Stress Reactivity

Emily G. Kunsman, University of Vermont

On the Hunt for Taiwan's Wild Mungbean

Andi Kur

How do heavy rainfall events impact physical and chemical soil properties within riparian ecosystems?

Brittany Lancellotti

Understanding Distributions of Transposable Elements Relative to Gene Functions within the Gene Ontology Directed Acyclic Graph

David W. Landay, UVM
Samuel W. ZOnay, UVM

Using Software Defined Radio to Interrogate a Passive Frequency Doubling Chip

Timothy F. Laracy

Monitoring Stress Reactions in High Mileage Runners Within a Mechanical Fatigue Framework

Benjamin LeBlanc, University of Vermont

The moderational effect of sexual assault on the relation between social support and PTSD

Alison C. Legrand, The University of Vermont

Trends in Quality of Life Outcomes 5 Years After Prostatectomy

Rose Leu

Using CRISPR Induced Mutations to Investigate Proteins Contributing to Polarized Growth in Plants

Connor D. Lewis

Social Space: Distribution of Pottery in Ancient Homes and Culture Significance in the South West

Tara M. Lewis

Enhancement of charge transfer in thermally-expanded and strain-stabilized TIPS-pentacene thin films

Yang Li

Relative orientation and strength of exciton states arise from molecular long range ordering in crystalline organic thin film

Libin Liang, UVM

Measuring the implementation fidelity of the American Development Model

Leon Lifschutz

The Acute Effects of Axial Loading on Postural Control During Functional Activities in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Casey Little, University of Vermont

Retrospective Analysis of the Management and Outcomes of Patients with Head and Neck Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Samuel R. Logan, UVM Larner College of Medicine

CODA - A Mobile Application for Medical Discharge

Samuel R. Logan, UVM Larner College of Medicine
Tyler Oe, UVM Larner College of Medicine
Anna Lidofsky, UVM Larner College of Medicine

Evaluating Vermont’s Land Use Policy (Act 250): An Opportunity for Legislative Reform

Katherine A. Longfield, University of Vermont Environmental Program

A Data-Driven Clustering of Subjects Based on Brain Activation Reveals Phenotypic Group Differences

Hannah Marie Loso, The University of Vermont

Reconstructing History in Pottery Studios

Kailey Loughran

Investigating Vermont Suffragists

Kailey Loughran, The University of Vermont

Educational barriers and the impact on the diversity of healthcare

Caroline H. Louttit
Makayla Young
Patrick Shepard

Is the retromer required for polarized cell growth in Brachypodium distachyon?

Jeremiah Lukes, University of Vermont

Uncharted Territory: A Data Visualization Needs Assessment for UVM Extension

Sarah E. Lyman, University of Vermont

Yoga Intervention for State Anxiety Reduction in University Students

Kristen Mackie

Adsorption Characteristics of PFOA & PFOS to Green Tea Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)

Elliot John Maker

Simulating Pottery Breakage in Archaeological Contexts

Hayley Malloy

Embryonic Heat Shock and its Effect on Adult Performance in Drosophila melanogaster

Ana M. Manuelian, UVM

From Consumer to User: Illicit Drugs in Postmodern Art

Alice Matthews, The University of Vermont

Beyond Eviction: Factors at Play in Landlord Power

Annie E. McAneny

Evolution of Variation: What contributes to mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in the Chagas disease parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi?

Cai McCann, University of Vermont

Investigation of molecular pathway and pathology of Non-Small Lung Cell Cancer mutations

Cai McCann, University of Vermont

Aloe-Alginate Hydrogels for Cervical Cancer Treatment: Antioxidant and Drug Release Activity

Sierra N. McConnell, University of Vermont

Structurally Critical Elements for MutY DNA Glycosylase Recognition of Specific Damage Sites

Morgan A. McCord, University of Vermont

From tap to table: Socioecological transition in the value chain of Vermont maple syrup.

Aidan C. McCracken, University of Vermont

Generating cell models to study the roles of ATAD2/B during breast cancer progression

Kyle P. McLaughlin, University of Vermont

Changing local and regional food markets: perspectives from Vermont

Kali McPeters, The University of Vermont

Interaction of the novel WYR domain of flightin with the myosin rod changes its coiled-coil secondary structure

Lynda Marie Menard, University of Vermont

Quantifying Global Changes in Surface Wind Speeds

Andrew A. Metcalf

Using Machine Learning and Wearables to Classify Multiple Sclerosis Fall Risk

Brett Meyer

Effects of Early Life Seizures on Behavior in C57bl/6J and DBA/2J Mice

Harriet R. Milligan, The University of Vermont

Toward an Efficient Synthesis of Fusarochromanone

Nick John Minadeo

Characterizing the dynamics of cultural phenomena with Tweets

Joshua Minot, UVM
Michael Arnold, UVM

Chimera States in a Coupled Oscillator Model of the Mouse Brain

Henry M. Mitchell

Defining Rural Education: Exploring the relationship between place and public education outcomes in New Hampshire

Jennifer Mitchell

2019 Intercollegiate Band Festival

Jordan Mitchell
Bailey Brown
Stephanie Aurenz
Kylie Elliott

Toadfish calling activity decreases with boat traffic

Isabel Mize

Confidence and Injury Risk in Collegiate Athletes

Jake F. Mogerman, The University of Vermont

Who Really Cares About Climate Change? The Demographics of Perceptions of Climate Change in the United States

Roberta Molokandov, University of Vermont

Wavelet Decomposition of Wearable Sensor Measurement for Analysis of Nordic Skiing Double Poling

Ian J. Moore

Aligning Restorative Practices with Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in an Elementary School

Mika Moore, University of Vermont

Discussing Difference: Using Tier One Restorative Circles in a Special Education Course

Mika Moore, University of Vermont

Correlation and Causation: Income Inequality and Entrepreneurship

Payne Morgan, University of Vermont

Abenaki Phaseolus vulgaris Landraces

Beck A. Morrow, University of Vermont

The Role of Mitotic Gene Bookmarking in the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Breast Cancer

Eliana Moskovitz, University of Vermont

Investigating the Diversity and Distribution of Amanita Mushrooms in Vermont

Patrick Mulhern

Maternal blood arsenic levels and associations with birth weight-for-gestational age

Anne M. Mullin

Inbreeding Depression in Picea rubens Core, Marginal, and Edge Populations of the Eastern United States

Helena V. Munson, The University of Vermont

The association between food addiction and substance use in university students

Colin Murphy

Synthesis and Applications of Single-Handed Molecular Springs

Kyle E. Murphy

Dye- Linked Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Photodynamic Therapy

Jaspreet Singh Nagi, University of Vermont

Affirmative Consent Policies at the Federal, State, and University Levels

Gillian M. Natanagara, University of Vermont
Andrew L. Ehler, University of Vermont
Kaity Tuohy, University of Vermont

Convex inner approximation for dispatchable demand side resources

Nawaf Nazir, University of Vermont

The Effects of a Modified FIFA 11+ Warm-Up Protocol on Fitness Variables in Middle School Students

McKenna Neeb, University of Vermont

A habitat suitability model for PNW Silver Flies (Leucopis spp.), biological controls of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae)

Alex N. Neidermeier, UVM

Environmental Values and Clothing Consumption: Do Clothing Purchases Reflect Expressed Environmental Values?

Jessica NeJame, University of Vermont


Sandra Nnadi, The University of Vermont

Tools to Improve Apiary Inspection Programs

Faith N. Novella

School Transiency: What Do Students with Disability Say About School Transiency, Service Delivery and What They Need to Be Successful?

Laura R. Nugent, University of Vermont

The Roles of Semantic Relatedness and Narrative Structure in Narrative Comprehension in ASD

Elizabeth Grace O'Donnell, The University of Vermont

Effects of Ericoid Mycorrhizae on Floral Traits and Fruit Set in Vaccinium corymbosum

Erin O'Neill

Phantom Limb: An Exploration of Manner in Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories

Casey O'Reilly

Microwave Radar with Orbital Angular Momentum Control

Daniel Orfeo

Effects of Voluntary Exercise on Prefrontal-Dependent Set-Shifting in Adolescent Rats

Izabella Ostrowski, University of Vermont

Synthesis and Characterization of Green Tea - Zero Valent Iron (GT-ZVI) Nanoparticles for Ground Water Remediation

Benjamin Page, The University of Vermont

Time Scarcity and Food Agency: The Effect on the Student Athlete Diet

Isabelle B. Page

Determining the Upstream Ligand for Draper in Cortex Glial Engulfment

Zoe A. Paige, University of Vermont
Toby Lanser, University of Vermont

Existential Isolation and Cultural Orientation: Collectivism as a buffer against Existential Isolation

Young Chin Park, psychological science

Lawn Alternatives in Vermont

Phoebe Paron

The Impact of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Among Older Adult Vermonters

Jessica L. Pashko, University of Vermont

Breeding for increased marketability and production scalability potential of African Eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum L.) for New Farmer stakeholders

Sean Mansfield Pease, The University of Vermont

Carbonic anhydrase: Genetic variation and resiliency in acidifying oceans

Aubrey Pelletier, The University of Vermont
Anya Steinhart, The University of Vermont

Detecting Critical Decision Points during Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Light Therapy for Winter Depression

Jessica Perez, UVM

Neurochemical expression and function of interstitial cells (ICs) in the urinary bladder of mice with cyclophosphamide (CYP)-induced cystitis

Megan E. Perkins, The University of Vermont

A stratified care model for low back pain: healthcare utilization in primary care

Kara M. Pflaster, UVM

The Role of Place Attachment in Volunteer Monitoring: A Transnational Study of Engaging Volunteers

Rachel Pierson

Can Devaleraea mollis chromatically adapt?

Jake R. Pinkus, University of Vermont

Novel approach to prehospital stroke screening using a smartphone application

Cori Polonski, Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont

Queer Nostalgia: Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Contemporary Queer Identity

Edward R. Pomykaj, The University of Vermont

Exploring the Mechanosensitivity of membrane protein using steered molecular dynamics simulation

Bharat Poudel, University of Vermont

The Effects of Behavioral Oxytocin Modification on Romantic Attitudes

Madeline Yvette Powell, UVM

Investigating population differentiation in red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) due to climate change.

Anoob Prakash, The University of Vermont

A Cross-Cultural Study of Ceramics in Infant Burials

Vivian Morgan Priestley

Nitrous oxide release from agricultural soils under different management practices during freeze-thaw cycles

Julia M. Pupko, University of Vermont

Petal Fusion in Petunias

Nikita Puranik
Jo Robertson
Kyle Amerantes

Differences in Mental Health Perspectives between Asian-Americans and Caucasians

Jason UnChan Pyon, Larner College of Medicine

Critical Success Factors for Agritourism on Small and Medium Farms: A Multi-state Lens

Lindsay V. Quella, University of Vermont

Landscape Identity and Pottery

Timothy J. Quesnell

Analysis of midgut microbiome diversity and Borrellia presence within Ixodes scapularis ticks sampled from Vermont Farms

Sean T. Quigley

Assessing Erosion Patterns of Hurricane Maria on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Melinda Quock, The University of Vermont

Helping Communities Adapt and Plan for Coastal Hazards: Coastal Zone Management Program Recommendations for National Tool Developers

Kristin Raub, University of Vermont

Fight the Mite!

Shervin (Ali) Razavi

Plant-Soil-Microbe Interactions Following the Application of Organic Amendments in Vegetable Production Systems

Taylor J. Readyhough, The University of Vermont

Betting on the future of food: A quantitative model of food prices

Eric M. Recchia, Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont


Bonnie W. Reese

Pottery Design: Group learning or Individual invention

Anna A. Renzi

Identification of Stressors Experienced by Parents of Infants in the NICU

Annie W. Resnikoff

Recent Advancements in Base Metal Catalysis

Matthew Reuter

The Moderating Role of Parental Depression on the Relationship between Child Hostility and Family Functioning

Danielle Rice, University of Vermont

Digital Affect: Grief and the Rhetorical Situation After the Las Vegas Shooting

Andrew Ridgeway

Inefficencies in the US Equity Markets

John H. Ring IV, University Of Vermont

Basidiomycetes on Ferns

Jo E. Robertson

Puerto Rican Farmers’ Experience with Hurricane Maria

Luis A. Rodríguez Cruz, PhD student

Evaluating the Visual Classification of Suspended Sediment – Discharge Hysteresis via Crowd-sourcing and In-stream Monitoring

Eric T. Romero, University of Vermont

Clinical Effectiveness of Dry Needling on Pain & Function in the Lower Extremity: A Systematic Literature Review

Brittany N. Rose, University of Vermont
Elizabeth Platz, University of Vermont
Thomas Direnzo, University of Vermont
Kyle Gadapee, University of Vermont
Meaghan DeCara, University of Vermont

Can Clinical Practice Changes be Sustained Two Years after Implementation Using a Knowledge to Action Framework?

Carter J. Rose, UVM MC Rehabilitation Therapies

Viable Targeted Immunization Strategies in Complex Networks: Addressing the Boundary Specification Problem

Samuel Frederick Rosenblatt, University of Vermont

Exploration of Story Arcs in Palliative Care Conversations Using Natural Language Processing

Lindsay May Ross

Digital Literacy & Rhetorical Listening in the First Year Composition Classroom

Amelia Royce

Agroecosystems: Crop domestication effects on insect agrobiodiversity

Jorge A. Ruiz-Arocho, The University of Vermont

Willkommenskultur in East and West Germany: Examining through protest how and why levels of xenophobia and acceptance of refugees/migrants vary between the former GDR and FRG

Anna Ryan

Understanding the Effects of Pharmacological Inhibition of HIF-1 Alpha in Dendritic Cells (DC)

Warrick Sahene, University of Vermont

Word Embeddings to quantify Depressive Language in Twitter


Modeling the effects of global change and associated adaptive silvicultural systems in Northern New Hampshire

Jennifer Santoro, UVM

Nutrient removal in a woodchip bioreactor bed receiving silage bunker runoff at the UVM Miller Research Farm

Jillian Sarazen, The University of Vermont

Just a “Co-incidence?” Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis of Kaplan Fiber Injury in the Setting of Acute Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

Patrick Saunders
Alexander Marchese

Timing of Displacement Along the Rattlesnake Thrust Fault, Pownal, VT

John Luke Sawyer Shaw, UVM
Eryka Collins, UVM

A Computational Comparison of Nissl Brain Atlases Across Mammalia.

Emma L. Schoeling, University of Vermont

Stress Narrative Favors Habit-Based Control of Instrumental Behavior in Humans

Nathan Schwab
Remy Castella

Exposure to urban parks improves mood and reduces negativity on Twitter

Aaron J. Schwartz, University of Vermont

Playing with Bubbles can Identify Young Children with Internalizing Disorders

Jordyn Scism, The University of Vermont

Classifying Postural Features from Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Melissa S. Seib, University of Vermont

Does the Cytoplasmic Tail of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Regulate Phosphorylation of Ezrin?

Megna Senthilnathan, University of Vermont

Effects of Demographic and Institutional Factors on New York State Graduation Rates

Sophie E. Sepel

Comparing Device Performance In Perovskite Solar Cells With Varying Digital Alloy Contact Layers

Olivia Sergiovanni, University of Vermont

Life Settlements in the U.S.: An Empirical Analysis of Regulatory Effects

Colin E. Serra

Making Novel Arsenic-Based Materials

Dennis Michael Seth Jr, University of Vermont

The Relationship between Forest Cover and Gendered Dimensions of Inequality at a fine Spatial Scale

Ethan Shafron

Characterization of Biofouling by Escherichia coli C and Micrococcus luteus Using Enhanced Darkfield Hyperspectral Imaigin Microscopy

Yuxiang Shen

Student Engagement in Mathematics: Comparing Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in Finland and the United States at the Middle School Level

Rachel E. Slimovitch, University of Vermont

Damage identification on large-scale truss structure using sparse vector recovery

Chandler B. Smith, University of Vermont

Riding the City: Renegade Spaces of Street BMX

Connor Smith Mr.

My Fair Lady: Exotic Women on the Midway Plaisance and the Challenges to White Womanhood at the Chicago World's Fair

Courtney A. Smith

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the CSAC "OK, You've Got This" Parenting for Resilience Program

Stephanie Smith

Imagining the unknown, navigating to transformation

Nina Smolyar, University of Vermont

Use of nylon bag technique in fistulated cattle to assess forage nutrient profiles

Miriam A. Snider, The University of Vermont

Exercise Adherence 12 Months After Completion of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation in Older Adults.

Luke Anthony Soelch, Larner College of Medicine

Spatio-temporal variation in total lipid content of juvenile lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in Lake Champlain

Madelyn Gene Sorrentino, University of Vermont

The Moderating Role of Anxiety on the Relationship Between CU Traits and Emotion Regulation

Aly Spencer, University of Vermont

Leveraging the social acceptability and political feasibility of flood policy to build resilience in the Lake Champlain Richelieu River basin

Emma J. Spett, University of Vermont

Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Cattle Genome and Epigenome

Emily Stassen

Lived Experience of Shutdowns in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kailey Stevens, UVM

Establishing the Role of Estrogen in Regulating the Oncogene RUNX2 in Thyroid Cancer

Isabel Stewart

Effect of photoperiod intensity on cisco (Coregonus artedi) egg development

Taylor R. Stewart

Size selective predation on Mysis diluviana in pelagic and benthic habitats of Lake Champlain

Delaney H. Stokes, University of Vermont

Americans who speak or Americans that speak? Formality and relative pronouns in spoken English

Rain Storer
Kaitlin Clark

The sentiment of depression on Twitter

Anne Marie Stupinski

Does Parenting Mediate the Relationship Between Cumulative SES Risk and Child Outcomes? A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Alexandra D. Sullivan, The University of Vermont

Personalities and Perceptions: Churchill, de Gaulle, and British-Free French Relations 1940-1941

Samantha Sullivan

Female Productivity and Calf Survivorship of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Bocas, Panama

Natalia Swack
Kahlia Gonzales

Absence of host-associated mating shapes application of swede midge pheromone mating disruption

Andrea E. M. Swan, University of Vermont

Compensatory Habits Among Diners Based on Food Descriptions

Victoria Taormina

Inactivation of the Prelimbic Cortex attenuates Operant Responding in both Physical and Behavioral Contexts

Callum Thomas

BDNF shifts excitatory-inhibitory balance in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus (PVN) to elevate blood pressure

Daniella J. Thorsdottir, The University of Vermont

Re-Imagining Providence: Creative Placemaking, Citizen Engagement, and the Post-Industrial City

Gillian Hope Tiley

Astrocyte Exosomes are a Potential Delivery System for Paracrine Notch Signaling

Nicholas J. Toker, University of Vermont

Clinician Adherence to Documentation Standards and Functional Outcomes for Patients with Total Knee Arthroplasty

Savannah Jane Townsend, The University of Vermont

Human behavioral factors influencing biosecurity compliance: Evidence from an Experimental Game

Luke Trinity, University of Vermont

Coastal Ecosystems Bring Many Benefits but may be Vulnerable to Increasing Intensity Hurricanes

Hannah C. Turner, The University of Vermont

Comparison of phosphorus loss estimation tools at predicting nutrient transport in humid regions with undulating topography.

Cameron R. Twombly

The Role of Phylogenetic Diversity in Facilitating Plant Invasions on a Global Scale

R Kirsten Tyler, The University of Vermont

Making Meaning from Mugs

Claire Tylke

Homoepitaxial growth of SrTiO3 by Pulsed Laser Deposition: energetic vs thermal growth

Jeffrey G. Ulbrandt, University of Vermont

Colonic Bacterial Composition in Aged CD-1 Mice Fed Diets Varying in Fat Quality is Sex-dependent

Allison L. Unger, The University of Vermont

Concerned Significant Others' Experiences as Support Providers After Traumatic Injury

Katherine A. van Stolk-Cooke, University of Vermont

The Farm Fresh Food Boxes Model: Consumer Perspectives

Zoe van Vlaanderen

Investigating the Protein-Coding Potential of a lncRNA

Stella Varnum, University of Vermont

Insights from long-term ecological monitoring: determining the impacts of contemporary climate change and atmospheric pollution on forest communities

Brittany M. Verrico

The Role of Melanocortins and Prevention of Cognitive Deficits in an Early Life Seizure Model

Colin F. Villarin

Understanding International Service-Learning Courses and Holistic Student Development

Meghan C. Vogel, UVM

Shoulder Muscle Activation During Aerobic and Rehabilitative Exercise

Brittany von Oldenburg
Christina Barr
Tyler J. Gregory
Jeremiah Crawford
Marta Topor

Understanding the Role of Androgen Receptor Signaling in Modulating p38 MAPK in EAE

Grace Kathryn Voorhees

Metal-semicoductor contact effects and temperature-dependence of carrier transport in large-grain organic semiconductor thin film transistors

Jing wan, university of vermont

The Experience of Being an Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Identifies as a Sexual Minority Orientation

Caroline T. Ward
Noah S. Jarvis
Eleni Cawley

Investigation of the 1,3-diaza-Claisen Rearrangements in Ring Expansion of Vinyl N-heterocycles

Teruki Watanabe

Phenotyping of the Airway Epithelium in Search for Subpopulation of Cells Conferring Long Term Risk for Developing Lung Cancer

Alexander Hunter Weingart, University of Vermont

Optimizing Over Summer Snow Storage at the Craftsbury Outdoors Center, Craftsbury, VT

Hannah Weiss

Links Between Children’s Reactions to Interparental Conflict and Psychological Well-Being

Holly Weldon, The University of Vermont

Is Hermione Really as Polite as She Seems? : Structuring Gendered Interactions Through Politeness Constructs in Harry Potter

Talia Welsch
Max Greenwood

Textural surface decoration on Jōmōn pottery: Tactile experience and the cord impressed pots of the Japanese stone age

Liam S. Wemple

Improving Forward Osmosis with Electric Fields

Logan Werner

Characterizing EWI-2 mediated fusion inhibition at the HIV Presynapse

Emily Elizabeth Whitaker

Role of Farmer Networks in Supporting Adaptive Capacity of Farmers in the Northeastern US

Alissa White, University of Vermont

Resilience of Viral Genotype Networks Toward Strain-Transcending Immunity

Blake JM Williams, University of Vermont

Constraining post-glacial uplift rates in southern Greenland

Landon D. Williamson, University of Vermont

Falls and Risk for Malnutrition among Older Adults Residing in a Rural State

Mariana Wingood

Emerging Adults’ Perceptions of Disordered Eating among Close Friends, Popular Peers, and Well-Liked Peers: Associations with Adjustment

Rebecca Wittlin, University of Vermont

HIV in Rural Vermont

Sydney C. Wolff, University of Vermont
Kyle Bodge, University of Vermont

Acoustic Emission Sensing for Crack Monitoring in Prefabricated and Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Bridge Girders

Robert Lee Worley II, The University of Vermont

Improving Genomic Prediction Models in Balsam Poplar by Incorporating Genotype by Environment Interaction

Baxter W. Worthing, UVM

Actinobacterial Diversity and Its Role in Compost and Soil Suppression of Rhizoctonia Solani

Emma Wright
Deborah Neher, University of Vermont
Thomas Weicht, University of Vermont

Accounting for Spatial Autocorrelation in Great Lake Coastal Wetland Ecological Responses

Christian Wurzburger, Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources

Relationship Between Gas Solubilities/Diffusivities and Dielectric Properties of Gas Infused Polymer System under High Temperatures and High Pressures

Xiangxiao Yao

Genetic Isolation of Pogonomyrmex Harvester Ant Hybrid Lineages

Vanessa Yolen, University of Vermont
Matthew Hammer, University of Vermont
Emma Gagne, University of Vermont
Angela Maloney, University of Vermont
Jessica Wright, University of Vermont
Amara Chittenden, University of Vermont

Sticks, Stones, and Social Exclusion: Do Parents’ Recommended Coping Strategies Vary by Child Victimization Type?

Emily Young, University of Vermont
Chloe Schafer, University of Vermont
Hannah Ritz, University of Vermont
Maria C. Lent, University of Vermont
Alexandra D. Sullivan, University of Vermont

The Role of Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ERα) in Thyroid Tumorigenesis

Grace Yu, University of Vermont

Stable Recursion Relation for the Canonical Partition Function of Non-Interacting Fermions

Jiangyong Yu

Trends in Minimally Invasive vs. Surgical Breast Biopsy and Risk Factors of Breast Cancer Upgrading in Vermont

Yi-Chuan Yu

Sustainability Reporting in Local Government in the United States

Yu Zeng, UVM

Singing patterns of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in wintering grounds off the coast of Central America and potential negative effects of tour boat traffic

Kate Ziegler, University of Vermont
Shelby Rosten, University of Vermont
Danielle Mcaree, University of Vermont