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Examining the Role of Vermont Everyone Eats Program in Fostering Community Resilience, Economic Sustainability, and Social Inclusion: A Comprehensive Analysis of Community Engagement, Empowerment, and Financial Management Strategies

Priscilla Pnyin Abijah

The Efficacy of Commercial Probiotics in Preventing Colonization of Listeria monocytogenes on Wooden Cheese Aging Boards

Eurydice Aboagye

The East Gate of Caesarea: Archaeology in a Late Antique City

Joseph Alexander

Influence of artificial whole-lake aeration in Lake Carmi, VT

Maria Alfaro

Planning Future Grids with Combined Transmission and Distribution Grid Infeasibility Analysis

Muhammad Hamza Ali

Accessing Women's Healthcare in Rural Vermont and the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leola Amblo

"Can you hear me now?" Analyzing barriers and indicators of connection in telepalliative care

Natalie Ambrose

Coronary Artery Calcification Scores and Mortality in Veterans with Mood Disorders

Elizabeth Amelotte

Novel Nec-1 Mimics as Antioxidant Peptides and Modifications to the FOX Assay

Surya Amundsen

Morphometrics of Emerald Ash Borer Parasitoid Wasps

Christina Anastasia

Insulin receptor signaling in sugar-sensing gustatory neurons impacts "sweet" sensitivity

Christian Arntsen

Maximizing DER Hosting Capacity Using Convex Inner Approximations

Beyzanur Aydin

ANOCA: AC Network-aware Optimal Curtailment Approach for Dynamic Hosting Capacity

Emmanuel Oluwatobi Badmus

Expanding the Scope of Photocatalyzed Pnictogen Hydrofunctionalization

Eliza Barker

Expanding the Scope of Photocatalyzed Pnictogen Hydrofunctionalization

Eliza Barker

Effect of Biological Sex and Lateral Meniscus Tear on qMRI of the Meniscus Following Acute ACL Injury

Willem Barwin

The effects of Imatinib treatment on the liver

Emily Batinsey

Molecular Mechanisms of Early Eyefield Cohesion in the Developing Zebrafish

Taylor Bean

Lakemount benthic invertebrate biodiversity

Pierre A C Beaurang

Looking north and thinking ahead: Understanding the range expansion of vector-borne pathogens in cervids

Lauren Berkley

Arthrokinematics and Compositional Measurements with QMRI 1-2 Years Following ACL Reconstruction and Meniscal Surgery

Natalie Bett

Connecting Science and Dance: The Introspection and Observation of the Human Experience

Natalie Bett
Megan Burdick

Pursuing Meaning Within Choreography: Developing and Presenting Dance Compositions from Personal Backgrounds and Motivations

Natalie Bett
Megan Burdick
Ellett Merriman
Kat Coyne

Optimization of an Embryonic Zebrafish Xenograft Model of Metastasis

Lauren Bialek

Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Babesia microti, and Borrelia burgdorferi in Vermont Ticks and Mammals

Olivia Biasetti

The Effect of Fungicide Exposure on Histone Modifications in the Colorado Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Sam Bjorklun

Genomic Characterization of Salmonella enterica Isolated from Chicks in Vermont

Hannah Blackwell

Designing a Good Website

Dante Blasi

A Qualitative Study on the Prevalence and Impact of Horticultural Methods as a Grieving Mechanism within Vermont-Based and Virtual Infant/Fetal Bereavement Services

Keelan Boisvert

Systematic Literature Review Evaluating Readiness of Novel Materials and Improved Pedestrian Infrastructure to Mitigate Heat

Morgan Boothe

Automatic Data Collection and Simulation of P-N Junctions

Thomas Brewer
Thomas Sykes

Efficient Precatalysts for Silicon-Nitrogen Heterodehydrocoupling

Claire Bushey

Body size and trophic efficiency predict diversity-elevation relationships for Hymenoptera

Ben Camber

Small Mammal Preparation in UVM's Natural History Museum

Pia Carman

Weirstrass points on Shimura curves

HollyPaige Chaos

Bee Specimen Processing in the UVM Invertebrate Collection

Lucas Chestnut

Histone modifications mediate sublethal insecticide stress response in an agricultural insect pest

Blair Christensen

Tax Considerations in the Puerto Rico Statehood Debate

Lizbeth Cintron

Association of Bullying Victimization and Loneliness on Suicidal Ideation and Anxiety Among 15-17 Year Old’s in Sierra Leone

Andre Clark
Mary Noel Riby-Williams
Meghan Bethel

Effects of Different Types of Alcohol Withdrawal on Hepatic Triglyceride Content in Mice

Virginia Clubb

Using acoustic tools to investigate humpback whale behavior and ecology

Ilaria Coero Borga

Exploratory factor analysis of postural sway measures reveal potential biomarkers of childhood mental health

Jenna Cohen

Comparing Machine-Learning Algorithms used to Optimize Power Systems.

Jack Colby
Ellison Fortin

An Examination of Work-Related Vicarious Trauma in COTS Homeless Shelter Staff and Their Use of Coping Resources

Annabelle Collins

The Speckled Protein (SP) 110C

Elizabeth Cook

Do tryptophan-synthesizing bacteria modulate expression of serotonin-related proteins in the gut?

Brendan Cox

Calm Before (and After) the Storm: Phytoplankton Community Turnover after Severe 2023 VT Flooding Event

Rachel Cray

Looking Through the Glass: An X-Ray Analysis of Pre-Colombian Obsidian Artifacts

Kelly Daigle

Fgfr1b in Zebrafish Retinal Development

Ryan Davin

The Investigation of the Antioxidant Properties of SS-31 Analogs in Relation to Lipid Peroxidation

Mari Davis

Leaving an Impression: How different storytelling elements affect the effectiveness of a film trailer

Pierce DeBoer

Paranoid and Reparative Readings of Antigone

Sophie Dehoff

Mapping and Interpreting the Surficial Geology of Newport, VT

Bryce Doherty

A Novel Approach: Investigating Drivers behind Skull Size and Shape Variance within the Genus Didelphis through 3D Morphometric Analysis

Lily Duerr

A New UVM Geological Collection Inventory

Ben Egner
Brady Hill

Optimization-based Framework for Selecting Under-frequency Load Shedding Parameters

Mazen Elsaadany

Reversing Cognitive Deficits in the PTEN Knockout Model of ASD

Noah Elste

HDX-MS Method Development

Osmand Evans
Lauren Schwartz
Ava Vitters

Therapeutic Ketosis Attenuates Asthma Associated Airway Hyperresponsiveness by Targeting Bronchial Smooth Muscle

Amanda Fastiggi

Translations of Plant-Environment Interactions: Learnings from the Colchester Bog

Sam Fertik

Leaf Beetle Digitization

Finn Flynn

Whey Protein Isolate Composites as Potential Scaffolds for Cultivated Meat

Chris Foley

Quantification of Functional Tissue Factor Activity on Microvesicles During the Peripartum Period

Meghan Fondakowski

Digging Deeper: Mineralogical Anatomy of the 2019 Cotton Brook Landslide

Eve Foran

Utilizing Biomaterials to Mimic Lung Diseases and Understand Cellular Repair Mechanisms

Bennett Gamber

Principles and practices for the resourcing of agroecology

Andrew Gerlcz

Voltage and temperature control in high PV penetration distribution grid

Amir Ghorbansarvi

Testing of Perovskite Thin Film Solar Cells

Zenllaze Gomez Merlo
Felix Walberg
Yoni Masha

Characterization of protein-protein interactions between subunits of the Retriever complex in Arabidopsis thaliana

Nicole Gorman

Survey of Medical Office Experiences by Biological Sex

Morgan Gregory

Investigating Haemosporidian Parasites in Migrating First - Year Raptors

Ericka Griggs

Taste cells expressing Ionotropic Receptor 94e reciprocally impact feeding and egg laying in Drosophila

Jacqueline Guillemin

Examining the Effectiveness of Combining Glutaredoxin and Pirfenidone on Lowering Fibrotic Markers

Margaret Haley

Revealing the genetic underpinnings of developmental plasticity and acute thermal responses in the coastal copepod, Acartia tonsa

Alison Hall

Mapping the Hydrology of Canyon de Chelly to support Archaeological Site Preservation​

Emily Hall

Temporal patterns of snapping shrimp in two coral reef habitats within the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica

Nicole Hardy

Toward determining amyloid fibril structures using experimental constraints from Raman spectroscopy

Maddie Harper

Genomic offset modeling for climate-smart seed conservation in red spruce

Nora Heaphy

The influence of silvicultural treatments and coarse woody material (CWM) on forest carbon storage and sequestration

Caitlin Henry

PKC-Beta signatures in the Tumor Microenvironment

Julius Herzog

Navigating Privacy in the Digital Age: Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Anxiety Among College Students

Johanna Esther Hidalgo

Waterfowl Vector-Borne Pathogen Survey

Ruby Higgins

Investagation of Incidence of Small Mammal & Pathogen Interaction of A. phagocytophilum, B. microti, and B. burgdorferi

Anna Hinkel

The role of the Type VI Secretion System (T6SS) in Providencia alcalifaciens.

Katherine Hood

Control of a Pneumatically Actuated Drone

Ben Jackson

Photoablation-based Treatment for Bacterial Keratitis Using Immunogold Bioconjugate Nanoparticles

Kelly Jacobson

A qualitative exploration on the prevalence of a diet culture mindset among plant-based eaters in Vermont

M Jiao

Strange Smammals: Adding Unique Specimens to our Collections

Dena Katz

M. smegmatis: A possible biological energy solution

Dagny Keltner
Ely Remes
Solomon Snuggerud
Bryce Herald

Climatic and Genetic Determinants of Biomass Production and Yield in the Temperate Model Grass Brachypodium distachyon

Masoumeh Khodaverdi

Implementing VirScan: a Phage Display Library for Viral Antibody Detection and Characterization

Lily Kjendal

Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the REV1 BRCT Domain

Hannah Koval

Squids, Spiders, and Snakes, Oh My!: Revitalizing UVM’s Zoological Fluid Collection

Flynn Krapf
Ruth Torelli

A Novel Transdisciplinary Integrative Approach to High Impact Chronic Pain

Jerry Landau

Mechanistic Insights into the Speckled Protein 110C SAND Domain

Annika Lathrop

Establishing and Streamlining Workflows for High-pH Reversed-Phase HPLC Fractionation For Proteomics Profiling

Lucas Leon

The Effects of Axial Loading on Real-World Ambulation in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis; a Pilot Study

Natalie Lloyd

The Impact of Mountain Biking on Songbird Singing Frequency in Vermont's Forests

Gus Lunde

The Role of Abl- and PKC-Dependent Reverse Signaling in Zebrafish Retinal Development

Collin MacLeod

Climate Change and Shrinkage of Small Mammals: Are Rodents Smaller Than They Were 100 Years Ago?

Sydney Madera

High Resolution Land Cover Mapping in the Mid-Atlantic: Land Cover Mapping for the EPA Region 3 Area

Eli Manier

Water quality monitoring with drones

Ben Mays

Sea Star Wasting Disease: Examining the associations between disease exposure, microbiome diversity, and host gene response

Andrew McCracken

Effects of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Beta Selective Drug on Breast Cancer Cell Transcriptome

Sydney McFarland

Automation in IC Test Measurements

Ruairidh McNeil

Potential for phosphorus movement under aerobic and anaerobic conditions in flooded restored riparian wetlands on agricultural lands in central VT

Elizabeth Mehler

Space-use patterns of free-ranging domestic dogs, Canis familiaris, in a complex agroecosystem in India: Implications for wildlife conservation

Soham Mehta

The Synthesis of Novel Tertiary Phosphines

Nory Meinhart

Urban, Community, and Regional Planning at UVM

Maisie Melican
Hattie Tetzlaff

Optimization-Based Network Reduction for Transmission Systems via Community Detection

Omid Mokhtari

Biofilm Infection Management via Encapsulation of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase in Alginate Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Maisie Moses

Phylogenetics of Melica: digging into the evolution of bulb-forming grasses

Mark D. Mullinger

Agency, Hypes and Sustainability Transitions

Teresa Mungazi

Stk11 C-Terminal domain variants impact lung cancer biology independent of kinase activity

Gopika Nandagopal

Gold Nanoparticle Modification of Carbon Fiber Microelectrodes for in vivo Acetylcholine Detection Using Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry

Owen Neilan

Lentiviral Vector sgRNA Genome Editing on Parental Cells to Inhibit Growth of T. gondii

Evan Norcross

Hidden Community Capitals in Contributing to a Resilient Food System

Beatrice Nyarko

A Study of Non-Linear Phenomena in Wild Bottlenose Dolphins

Megan O'Connor

Battery Equivalent Circuit Model (ECM)

Arash Omidi

The pace of change of the unit repertoire of Southeastern Pacific humpback whales at their breeding area in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama

Franny Oppenheimer

Bittersweet: Amino acid taste detection in Drosophila melanogaster

Ian Orsmond
Peter Gause
Lauren Schwartz
Megan Burdick

Caring for Caregivers: Assessing Health and Wellness Needs Among Rural Caregivers

Joseph Owuor

Synthesizing an MR Contrast Agent Sensitive to Oxidative Stress

Stephen Paige
Ian Stender

The Role of Place in the Function, Meaning, and Future of Electric Vehicles in Vermont

Owen Palcsik

Optimal Allocation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Bikram Panthee

Sex-Specific Trends in Suicide by Firearm in Vermont

Emma Parks

Establishing and Streamlining Mass Spectrometry Workflows for Elucidating Cross-links for Protein Conformational Analysis

Charlotte Pearson`
Beatrice Zaleski
Ava Vitters

Tyrosine phosphorylation on DCBLD2 inhibits cell proliferation promoted by PDGFR.

Daniel Penados Richter

Small Mammals as reservoir hosts for the novel vector-borne pathogen Babesia odocoilei

Aidy Pennell

Determining the Relationship of Peptide’s Ramachandran φ Angle and the Raman Amide III2 Frequency

Nicholas Perez

Non-heritable yet evolvable: increased developmental noise can be selected for despite average negative effect

Csenge Petak

Using Spatial Information and Remote Sensing to Estimate Water Use as Evapotranspiration

Cooper Petrie

Beta-hydroxybutyrate augments airway epithelial cell anti-viral responses

Paola E. Peña García

Understanding the role of introgression on local adaptation in red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.)

Anoob Prakash

Metabolic rewiring promotes metastatic potential in STK11 null KRAS-driven lung adenocarcinoma

Shannon Prior

Heterosporis sp. prevalence and severity among yellow perch in Lake Champlain

Emma Privett

Student Perspectives of Safety at the University of Vermont

Cameron Provorny

Whole Genome Sequencing Identifies Exotoxin and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles of Staphylococcus aureus from Maine Dairy Farms

Elisabeth Roadcap

Modeling the bird response to climate adaptive silvicultural practices in a boreal forest

Vegas Rockafeller

Size-Specific Nanoparticles as Treatment for Vascular Disease

Nicole Roode

Effect of Full-Fat Yogurt Consumption on Plasma Lipoprotein Profiles

Alicia Rosato

Recipe Development of a Cricket-Corn Chip

Dahlia Rosen

Characterizing the Role of Cysteine-5 in the Human Dopamine Transporter (DAT) Through a Naïve Drosophila DAT Model

Hailey Rosenfield

Impact of STK11 loss-of-function mutations on the metastatic potential of KRAS-mutated lung-adenocarcinoma

Cole Royer

A Study of Co-occurring Disorders

Sierra Sabec

The Impact of Female Role Models on the Retention of Women in Computer Science

Anja Samsom

Metabolic rewiring promotes metastatic potential upon glutamine deprivation in STK11 null KRAS-driven lung adenocarcinoma

Logan Sands
Shannon Prior

Circuit-based Parameter-State Joint Estimation of Transmission Systems

Peng Sang

Seasonal Thermal Plasticity in Lake Champlain Copepods

Chanchal Saratkar

Modeling carbon storage in the boreal region in response to global climate change

Greta Savitsky

Characterization of APOBEC3A Regulation through Protein–protein interactions

Dan Schiefen

Freshwater zooplankton diel vertical migration and carbon flux under varying levels of planktivory: a mesocosm-based approach

Anna Schmidt

Exploring Equitable Emergency Medical Services: A Vermont Case Study

Brandon Schoenfeld

So Hum – I Am That Scale: Illuminating Existential Interconnectedness

Betsey Scrimgeour

Entrapment of pyruvate dehydrogenase in alginate hydrogel sheets towards a biofilm-eliminating wound dressing

Omid Sedighi

Disaggregating the Slack Bus: Using Distributed Slack Power Flow for Grid Optimization

Eric Segerstrom

Phenotypic mobility assay on Colorado potato beetle larvae exposed to imidacloprid

Lamija Semic

Quantification of Terpenes

Bridget Seymour

The evolution of the devernalization response in temperate Pooideae grasses

Hannah Shafer

Farming and Eating Insects at the University of Vermont

Patrick Shafer

Potential anti-obesity effects of yogurt enriched with probiotics

Hallie Shi

Flavor mitigation of hemp extract-infused ice cream

Hallie Shi

Vermont Maple Syrup Market: Unveiling Consumer Trade-offs and Preferences

Amrita Shore

Japan through Milk and Bread

Mark Sizen

Traumatic brain Injury Impact on Spatial and Working Memory in Mice

Maya Sobel

Impact of Ionotropic Receptor Mutants on an Amino Acid Feeding Response

Alice Sperber
Sascha Taylor
Brenna Asaro
Braden Woods

Analyzing the Impact of Cultural Factors on Happiness Levels in Arabic Language Tweets

Parisa Suchdev

Using Skull Measurements to Identify Key Museum Specimens

Jay Sullivan

Investigation of the Sigmatropic Rearrangement of Allenyl Cyanamides

Ryan Tan

Evaluating biomarkers of dairy fat consumption: Which plasma fatty acids best reflect dairy fat intake?

Victoria Taormina

The Impact of Rurality on Substance Use and Adverse Mental Health​ Among Vermont High School Students ​

Olivia Tarmey
Gina Neidig

The Impact of Rurality on Substance Use and Adverse Mental Health​ Among Vermont High School Students ​

Olivia Tarmey
Gina Neidig

Utilization of Macroinvertebrates as Indicator Species of Stream Health Across Different Land Use Areas in Vermont

Maya Thomson

Students’ responses to evidence of racism in a forensic science class: An evaluation

Aoi Tischer

Hydrophosphination Substrate Expansion

Peter Tschaikowsky

Genetic Determinants of Filamentous Influenza Virion Production

Allyson Turner

Transcriptomic Dysregulation in Rodent Models of ADHD and Substance Use Suggests Shared Neural Mechanisms

Sarah Van Horn

Novel Role of the Endocannabinoid System & Prostaglandin-Glycerols on Cytokine Release in LPS-Activated Macrophages

Kai Vaughn

Trophic plasticity of Yellow Perch, Perca flavescens, in a gradient of habitats in Lake Champlain

Stella Vercesi

Arabidopsis VTI13 and VPS26C in a Shared Endosomal Trafficking Pathway

Regina Visconti

CRISPR technology aids in the investigation of Rab6 involvement with Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Erinn Wagner

Simultaneous Parameter Estimation in Model-Free Control

Danial Waleed
Jacob Friz-Trillo

First Meals and Last Meals: Vehicles of Food Meaning

Sophie Warth

Evaluating the Impact of Climatic Factors on Tick-Borne Pathogen Prevalence

Joe Webb

The Illustrated Guide to Pre-Veterinary Equine Lameness

Wenzdae Wendling

Change in Percent Coral Cover Across Main Hawaiian Islands Between 2000 - 2017 using the Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)

Emma Wetsel

Gender Bias in Spotify Recommendations

Sydney White

Collective Nostalgia’s Effect on Consumer Behavior

Jasper Williams

Redefining Waste: Sustainable Methods for a Dairy Waste Management Closed Loop System

Perry Wilson

Unraveling the Role of Patellin1 in Expansive and Polarized Cell Growth

Rachel Wilson

Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

Paige Wondrasek

Genomic prediction reveals the genetic architecture of spring phenology in poplar trees

Baxter Worthing

The Contribution of Liver 3-Methylglutaryl-CoA Synthase 2 (HMGCS2) to Dietary Medium- Chain Triglyceride-Induced Ketone Body Production

Kate Zoller

Making LGBTQ+ History Acessible to Gen-Z During a Period of Targetted LGBTQ+ Erasure

Zane Zupan